Teletriumph 2018: Media Group Ukraine To Present 44 Nominees In 39 Nominations

Published Wed, 18 April 2018, 19:00

The list  of nominees for Teletriumph2018  has been announced with Media Group Ukraine presenting 44 of them  in 39 nominations. This country’s main TV Prize is to be awarded on April 25.


This year  Teletriumph’s   format  has been updated , i.e. the total number of nominations is 80 accounting for 30 programme nominations, 39 personal ones and 6 regional. 461 projects have been nominated all in all within 73 nominations . Short-lists   have not been formed in 7 nominations for the lack of applicants.   Jury members, experts and academicians of Ukraine’s TV Academy have  given full marks to content produced by Media Group Ukraine due to its qualities, such as multi-genre character, relevancy and  high quality standards. 39 nominations in the Teletriumph short-list (with 32 of them belonging to Ukrayina TV Channel) is a proof of  the said high appraisal. Thus Ukrayina TV Channel  nominees are as below:

-        Director (morning/daytime programme) – Viktor Sukhobrus, Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics);

-        Documentary (film/ serial/ project – Voskreseniye Rasstreliannogo Vozrozhdeniya (Resurrection of the  Renaissance Executed);

-        Ukrainian Format - Agenty Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice);

-        Reporting   (on-air nationwide ) – Segodnia in Antarctic (Today in Antarctic);

-        Producer /Producer Group  ( documentary film/ serial/ project)  – Yelena Kanishevskaya, Oleg Rogozha, Oksana Strutinskaya – Istroiya odnogo zlochynu)  (The  Story of a Crime);

-        Special Project ( marathon, stream, etc.) - Ranok z Ukrayinoyu  (Morning with Ukraine)

-        Special Project    ( marathon, stream, etc.) Oscar -2017

-        Broadcaster. Analytical News Magazine – Oleg Panyuta , Sobytiya Nedeli (Weekly Events)

-        Host/Hostess (Talk Show) – Aleksey Sukhanov – Govoryt Ukrayina   (Here is Ukraine);

-        Analytical News Magazine - Sobytiya Nedeli  s Alekseyem Panyutoy with(Weekly Events with Aleksey Panyuta);

-        Musical Show /Concert/Ceremony – Velyka Novorichna Prygoda (Great Adventure on  New Year’s Eve);

-        -Host/Hostess,  Musical Show /Concert/Ceremony -  Aleksandr Skichko Musical Platform;

-        Channel’s Promo Style (on air) – New Year Eve ID’s  - My mnogogranni  (We Are Many-Sided );

-        On Air Promo/Promo Camapaign – Obruchka z rubinom (Ruby Ring);

-        Studio Design (TV Programme/Show) – Segodnia (Today);

-        Studio Design (TV Programme/Show)  - GlavanayaTema (Main Theme)

-        Director (Promo Spot/Channel  ID) Roman Shoma, Spetzs (Profs)

-        Cameraman (Promo Spot/Channel  ID) Aleksandr Zemlianoy Obruchka z Rubinom (Ruby ring)

-        -Cameraman (News/Reporting, etc.) Ruslan Kuzgov  Segodnia in Antarctic

-        TV Movie /Mini-Serial (up to 4 episodes) – Dom na Kholodnom Klyuche ( House by the Cold  Stream);

-        TV Serial (up to 16sepisodes) – Vtoraya Zhizn Yevy (Eve’s Second Life)

-        TV Serial (17sepisodes and more) Spetsy  (Profs);

-        TV Serial (17 episodes and more) – Na Liniyi Zhizni (On the Lifeline);

-        Actor TV Movie/Serial – Akhtem Seitablayev , Na Liniyi Zhizni (On the Lifeline);

-        Director (TV movie up to 4 episodes) –Taras Dudar - Dom na Kholodnom Klyuche ( A House by the Cold  Stream);

-        Director of Photography (TV Movie /Mini-Serial up to 4 episodes) ­ Aleksandr Zemlianoy, Dom na Kholodnom Klyuche ( A House by the Cold  Stream);

-        Director of Photography (TV Serial) Serhey Bordenyuk, Kapitansha (Captain’s Wife);

-        Special Project for Digital Environment (video blog, journal, social media, spots for YOUTUBE ) Segodnia v Antarktide (Today in Antarctic);

-        Site (Show, Channel) – Raiskoye Mesto (Heavenly Place);

-        Background Music/Sound (movie, serial, programme) - Dom na Kholodnom Klyuche ( A House by the Cold  Stream);

Football 1/Football 2 –Four Nominations:

-        Sports Show – Bolshoy Football. Glavnaya Komanda (Great Football. Main Team);

-        Host (Sports Show) – Aleksey Denisov, Ivan Gresko;

-          Commentator – Viktor Vatzko &Kirill Krototogov;

-        Innovation in Production – Match for Ukraine’s Super Cup – ShakhterDynamo 360 °

NLO TV . Nominations.

Entertainment Show for Children/Teenagers – Ottak Mastak-2

34 Kanal –Two Nominations:

Reporting (Regional Coverage) – Ne Na Voine Kak Na Voine – (As if at war, not at war , though);

Reporter  (RegionL Coverage ) Anastasiya Kalutzkaya Detali. Itogi (Details. Results).

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