Ukrayina and Football 1 Broadcasters of 2017/2018 UEFA Champions League’s Final Match

Published Thu, 12 April 2018, 12:03

On May 26 Kyiv is to become the scene for the 2017/2018  UEFA Champions League final which is sure the most ambitious football event of the year. We are pleased and honoured to announce that Ukrayina and Football 1 (HD quality) TV Channels are exclusively licensed to broadcast the event and thus our viewers get the privilege to watch it.

It has been for the first time in football’s history that the Ukrainian capital and  its  Olimpiysky stadium   would host the final of the most prestigious European club football tournament and in particular the duel of the strongest teams in Europe. Andriy Shevchenko, Ukraine’s national coach and  Ballon d’Or award winner, would act as Ambassador to the 2017/2018 UEFA Champions League final.

The said match as well as the opening ceremony would be exclusively   telecast live by UMG TV Channels, such as Ukrayina and Football 1 (in HD Quality).

While commenting on the issue Viktoriya Korogod, Head of Ukrayina  says:

“The Ukrayina TV Channel would air the major football event of the year. It is a long term tradition of ours to  offer our viewers the most captivating and significant  football matchups. But the UEFA final to be held this year in Kyiv is not just a true  football fest  for fans, it is going to be an impressive show for family viewing. We are sure to present our viewers with unforgettable emotions which would prevail not only on the football arena but in the host city as such”.

Oleksandr Denysov, Director, Football1/Football 2:

It is quite before long that Kyiv would become the football world center. It is for the first time that Ukraine is going to host the planet’s main club tournament. It is a long-awaited event for the TV Channels and our country as a whole.  Having  been granted  the official host football broadcaster status Football 1 / Football 2 TV Channels are also first entitled to produce the female UEFA Champions League . For the last six months all football fans have been anticipating the outstanding event. We have uncorked quite a few   surprises  for our viewers   and in particular certain new special projects have been launched to fully cover the two finals. A five day marathon will be launched starting  May 23 with the broadcast schedule arranged so as not a slightest detail will escape the viewers notice. Besides, the UEFA champions festival will be held in Khreshchtyk where Football 1/Football 2 would be also presented no matter what. We are preparing a special photo zone for our viewers where anyone might plunge into the football television world  trying  their hand as hosts, commentators ,experts , making pictures with football stars taking their autographs.

Ukrayina Channel – Leader in TV Viewing for First Quarter.

At the end of the first year quarter the Ukrayina TV Channel performed as follows: 11.26* in share (shr%) and 1.68% * in rating  for 18-54 (50,000 +); 11-26%* in average share (shr.%)  and  14.93,** in share  and 2.85**.

As of the end of March the Chhannel  also ranked first  performing as follows: for 18-54 (50,000 +) average share (shr.%) – 11.28* , rating (rat) 1.67%*; for 18+ (50,000+) average share – 15.16,** rating 2.90**.

The TV Channel final success was actually composed of high performance due to hard-hitting and information analytical shows , such as : Glavnaya Tema (Main  Theme) hosted by Yelena Kot, Sobytiya Nedeli ( Weekly Events) hosted by Oleg Panyuta, Govorit Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine) with Aleksey Sukhanov ; a few programmes , such as Zirkovy Shliakh ( Star Road) and Ranok with Ukrayina (Morning with Ukraine)  have contributed to the successful start of the spring season; prime time serials and week end motion pictures, broadcasts of most interesting football matches within the UEFA Champions League  and UEFA League of Europe also greatly promoted the achievements.

Glavnaya Tema (Main  Theme) of February 11 hosted by Yelena Kot, became the best one on Ukraine’s TV since the year start scoring 23.24% in  share ( shr%) and 10.87 % in rating for 18+( 50,000 +) with nearly 5.7 Ukrainians  watching the show. Govoryt Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine) of February 15 called  Imia dlia Nadezhdy (The Name for Hope) was actually record-setting for the two audiences and in particular: 18-54 (Cities 50,000+) and  18+ (cities 50,000+)  showing 15.6,** and 21.09 % **  in share ( shr%) , respectively, with the audience totaling nearly 5.6 mln.viewers.

Morning, daytime and  prime time in house projects helped the TV Channel become the leader in viewers preferences.

Zirkovy Shliakh ( Star Road), Realna Mistyka (Real Mystics)  Svekrukha chy Nevistka (Mother in Law or Daughter in Law) , Segodnia , news broadcast , Agenty Spravedlivosti ( Agents of Justice) have ranked first  in their respective slots; prime time series and week end films  have also contributed to the Channel’s leading positions, e.g.  Ptichka Pevchaya (Chat), Sestra v Nasledstvo (Inherited sister)   Krov Angela (Angel’s Blood)

Nuzhen Muzhchina (In Need of Man), Vtoroye Dykhaniye ( The Second Wind)

Speaking of TV series one can’t overlook Obruchka z Rubinom (Ruby Ring) an in-house made product based on the Korean format which was watched by more than 21 mln viewers  in the 1st year quarter. Agenty Spravedlivosti (Agents of Justice) has made a successful start for the fifth season running scoring 19.96% and 23.58% in share for 18-54 (50,000+) and  18+ ((50,000+)  , respectively.

Olena Shvoriak Appionted Marketing Director for Ukrayina

Starting April 10, 2018 Olena Shovoriak was appointed the Ukrayina TV Channel Marketing Director. As to Tetiana Svetlova, a  former Marketing Director, she chose to  resign.

“We welcome Olena joining our team. We are sure that her previous vast experience and knowledge would enable her to effectively work so as to promote our marketing area, offer new creative ideas contributing to our Channel’s leading position on the market. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Tatiana for her effort aimed at the Channel’s brand development and wish her success”, said Viktoria Korogod , Head, Ukrayina TV Channel.

Olena Shvoriak has engaged herself in marketing for 17 years . She was employed as Marketing Director for Unilever- Ukraine. As Marketing Director for  the Ukrayina TV Channel  Olena would be in charge of effective marketing strategy to be drawn up and pursued; she would also manage and control the brand development strategy while strengthening the link between marketing and other company’s functions.

“I am well aware of the responsibility  vested in me in connection with my new employment. To develop and promote the leading and growing brand is always a challenge. I am of the opinion that the experience of this highly successful team and my previous experience in world brands’ marketing would account for the synergy which would in its turn result in a new impetus for further development while strengthening Ukrayina’s position as the viewers favourite all over Ukraine.”, Olena Shvoriak said while sharing her nearest plans.

Tetiana Svetlova came to the Channel as Director, Department for Brand and Products promotion in November 2015 to be quite soon (April 2017) appointed as Marketing Director;; and now she has chosen to resign. 

“I am grateful to the TV Channel for the three ears of valuable experience, development, ambitious goals and incredible drive I felt when managed to meet the goal. But today it is high time that I should leave and meet new  meet new challenges, I wish my colleagues to move forward to further achievements and high performance”. That’s how she commented on the issue.

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