TV Channel Ukraine - Leader in TV Viewing for August

Published Mon, 3 September 2018, 11:11

According to August 2018 monthly results the  TV Channel Ukraine is still holding leadership in TV viewing  among this country’s TV channels for main audiences, such as 18-54 (cities  50,000+) and 18+ (cities  50,000+) and 4+ (All Ukraine).

Speaking of 18-54 (cities  50,000+) deemed  commercially  significant audience, the Channel performance in August accounted,  in particular, for  11.40%*  in average share (shr%)  and  1.24%** in rating (rat%); besides, its performance for  18+ (cities  50,000+) and 4+ ( All Ukraine) accounted for 15.21%** in share, 2.16% in rating** and 13.53%*** in share and  1.81%*** in rating, respectively. 


Top-6 channels in August for 18-54 (50,000+)

It was in August that the TV Channel Ukraine marked a new and successful  season  by showing Happy Birthday Ukraine!,  a gala concert produced by the  TV Channel  Ukraine to celebrate  the 24st of August, Ukraine’s Independence Day, which performed best of all other shows on this country ‘s television.  The festive show performance data proved to be the best on that day among Ukraine’s TV Channels and in particular:  the average share (shr%) for 18-54 (50,000+) amounted to 15.34% * and rating (rat%) – 3.30%* as to the 18+(50,000+) the share (shr%) accounted for 19.76%** and rating  (rat%) -5.81%**.

The ambitious gala congregated 6.70 million Ukrainians by their blue screens.***

A retooled weekly news round-up Siogodni. Pidsumky  with Oleg Panyuta was  first aired by the TV Channel Ukriane on Sunday, August  19 as well as Golovna Tema , a traditional  public opinion stir,  hosted by  Olena Kot. Both of them were quite a success in August viewed by 5 mln viewers each.***

The Channel’s successive start in August was also attributed to a few TV series premiers, such as Rodnaya Krov (Kindred blood) produced by Star Media with its audience accounting for 5.5 mln persons *** , Dom Nadezhdy (House of hope) by Art Forms Productions viewed by 6.3 mln Ukrainians*** and Zatmeniye (Eclipse) produced by Ukrayinskaya Production Studio and viewed by nearly 10 mln Ukrainians.****

August witnessed new seasons of  Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Road)  and Realna Mistyka  (Real mystics)  which both made a good start remaining leaders in their respective slots in main audience shares*/**/***.  Govoryt Ukrayina (Here is Ukraine) with Oleksiy Sukhanov was still holding leadership in its slot for main audiences.**/***  Dezhurny Vrach (Doctor on Call),*/**/*** produced by Film UA  and Zhensky Doktor (Lady Doctor)*/**/***/ were not lagging behind in their time slots congregating more than 11 mln. and 15 mln persons , respectively. The same is true of Siogodni (Today)*/**/***, a news programme (daytime, primetime and night releases).

*The data calculated for 18-54 , sampling  50,000+

** The data calculated for 18+ , sampling  50,000+

*** The data calculated for 4+, sampling All Ukraine

**** the data calculated for 18+ , sampling All Ukraine

The audience research data belong to TV IC; provided by the TV Channel Ukriane; the data  is final, calculated as %, (shr) and (rat) , coy #. Detailed account of performance data and target audiences may be found in the IC glossary.

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