Asset Freeze – Court Ruling in Regards to Vinnitsa Provider - Suspect of MGU’s Copyrights Infringement

Published Wed, 16 January, 19:07

Once a thief is always, a thief and content thief is no exception and as such deserves punishment. Therefore, “Vin Asterik”, a private enterprise from Khmelnik did not get away with it and paid the price for illegal broadcasting of MGU’s channels. The Vinnitsa Court of Appeal  affirmed the decision previously passed by the Municipal Court  ruling  the Vin Asterik  asset freeze which, as reported by the  Court of Appeal press service. The investigation established that the infringer representatives are in breach of copyrights and related rights. It was in the course of 2018 that Vin Asterik was broadcasting Internet television programmes including those logotyped as Football 1 and Football 2 without the right holder’s (Media Group Ukrayina) consent. The suspect’s assets (hard disk and server) are seized for the pre-trial investigation period pursuant to Ukraine’s Criminal Code, Art.176, Part 3.

The a.m. provider broadcasting TV channels without the right holder’s due consent, thus infringing copyrights and related rights, faces sanctions ranging from a penalty till 6 years’ imprisonment. That’s what was reported by Sergey Cherniashchuk , expert in copyrights  for MGU. “In the event of the criminal offence it is only court that may establish the punitive measure pursuant to the effective criminal code”. According to Sergey Cherniashchuk there are a few factors that might affect the punitive measure and namely:  the suspect’s criminal records ( if any),  degree of criminal act and the relevant period of time.

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