Channel "Ukriane" – 26 Year Success

Published Wed, 13 March, 16:53

It is on March 13 that the TV Channel "Ukriane" is marking its 26th anniversary. As of today "Ukriane"  is an undisputed leader among Ukraine’s television channels for all main audiences.

With its 2018  share amounting to 11.63% for 18-54 (50,000+), i.e. the main commercially significant audience, it shows a 9% growth in viewing share and  1.5% in rating  in 2019; as to the 2018 share for 18+ (50,000+)**  being 15.45%  its growth in 2019 accounts  for  19%  and 2.57 in viewing share and rating, respectively. Generally speaking the "Ukriane" performance rates have  shown a towofold growth for the last ten years.

TV Channel "Ukriane" – Success Story*

График, История Успеха

Viewing share growth rates for 18-54 (50,000+)

«The TV Channel "Ukriane" story is that of true success. We have been building up our performance rates year in year out and it is for the third year running that the Ukrainians choose us as their favourite TV channel. The Channel enjoys equal popularity throughout the country: East, West, Kyiv. We are continuously focused on our viewers. That’s what makes our the secret. We produce 1600 hours of premiere content annually. That’s first and foremost. The Channel "Ukriane" today  is number one in in-house produce, i.e. nearly hundred serial premieres a year. We invest heavily in our public service projects, such as: Glavnaya Tema (Main Theme), Govoryt Ukrayina (Here Is Ukraine), Kontroler (Inspector), Gromkoye Delo (High Profile Case) which spotlight socially significant issues and explosive stories. Our Entertainment programme department was established just a year ago but it has already delivered benefits and specifically: a few successful gala concerts and shows, such as  Dyvovyzhni Lyudy (Amazing People), in particular, a project that has become this spring pinnacle event. Our news programmes and, specifically, Segodnia (Today) and Siogodni. Pidsumki with Oleg Panyuta (Today. Summary), a freshly updated weekly information programme, are unconditional leaders in information broadcasting gathering wide public audience. Thus, we are actually leading in all slots of the Ukrayina broadcast schedule. Seasoned professionals employed by the Channel have developed unique expertise; they are very well aware of our audience and their priorities. Therefore we are very well equipped and prepared to meet  tomorrow’s challenges», – emphasized Viktoriia Korogod, Head, TV Channel "Ukriane".

ukraina_26 років

The  TV Channel "Ukriane" appeared on blue screens of Donetsk as far back as 13 March 2003 to become a nationwide channel in 2003 and move to Kyiv in 2008. Our viewers give preference to Govoryt Ukrayina hosted by Oleksiy Sukhanov, a public service show, Segodnia, a news broadcast and Siogodni. Pidsumki with Oleg Panyuta, an information analytical weekly, Main Theme hosted by Olena Kot focusing on hard hitting issues of public interests, Kontroler hosted by Yaroslav Kuts, Gromkoye Delo hosted by Timur Aslanov, Amazing People based on the Brain format on unique qualities of human brain, success stories from Star Way hosted by Alena Vinitskaya and Aleksandr Skichko Morning with Ukraine, broafcast live, Real Mystics in the daytime, Agents of Justice and A Crime Story, primetime serials, motion pictures shown on days off, ambitious shows.

More than  one thousand employees contribute their creative endeavor to our in-house products and technically provide for the Channel’s success. All of them are never afraid of experimenting, always open to innovations in all spheres,  taking the lead in advanced and newly emerging TV genres, creating products appealing to millions of viewers products that change their lives.


*The data calculated for the 18-54 audience, 50,000+ sampling.

** The data calculated for the 18+ audience, 50,000+ sampling.

The TV  audience research  data belong with ITC with Nielsen being the panel operator and monitoring carried out by Communication Alliance . The data presented by the TV Channel "Ukriane". The data is final and estimated as rat% and shr%. Definitions for the rates  and target audiences may be found in the glossary. 





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