Media Group Ukraine Statement on Disconnection of Transmitters by BRT Concern (Radio Broadcasting/Communications and Television Concern)

Published Fr, 5 April 2019, 20:40

Media Group Ukraine deems it inacceptable to cut off TV broadcasting, especially at the fateful moment of this country’s history and therefore the MGU appeals  to Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers with the aim to direct its attention to the attitude assumed by the Radio Broadcasting/ Communications and Television Concern (BRT).

It was yesterday, on April 4, that a few districts of Lugansk region were fully disconnected from digital and analogue broadcasting or, rather, what remained of the latter. The BRT transmitters have not been operative till now. The shutdowns of the kind have recently become a system. A number of cutoffs had been documented prior to the said date and in particular: in Poltava and Sumy regions (Krasnogorivka, Poltava Region – March 18, Bilopillia, Sumy Region – March 23). It is also worth noting that the transmitters in those localities had not been in operation for more than two days.

The Concern’s significant indebtedness to a few energy providers in different regions of Ukraine has obviously become the reason for the transmitters’ disconnection. The BRT Concern primary task is to secure   the transmitters’ smooth and fail-free operation which has not been fulfilled at the time when the Ukrainians are first and foremost in need of access to information. Nevertheless, the managers of the government-owned institution (BRT Concern) allow the full disconnection of transmitters on a regular basis. With a new technical model  introduced (transition from analogue to digital) the BRT Concern had had more than 6 months at its disposal  to optimize its activities, make relevant arrangements towards the debt restructuring and  bring its expenses in line with incomes. Despite the above the Concern decision makers are trying to assert that the raising of tariff rates for their services is a must. We call upon the Cabinet of Ministers to direct its attention to the BRT position which is so manifestly non-marketable. Moreover, it presents a threat to the country’s security in the field of information.


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