Entire Country Trusts Us: 360 Promo Company Launched by Siogodni News Programme

Published Wed, 8 May 2019, 15:05

The Siogodni news programme aired on the TV Channel Ukraine has launched a large scale promo campaign with the aim to introduce viewers to special aspects of live broadcasts, while giving  them chapter and verse on camera and outside the camera’s view.


Siogodni of today is a 24/7 complete immersion into the global information environment, six daily broadcasts, plus Siogodni. Summation of Events with Oleg Panyuta and Segodnya.ua, a relevant site. The platforms synergy makes the Siogodni news this country’s major information brand.

«That today’s world is fast – paced is a universally known truth. Every minute brings about the news that might lead to a dramatic shift in our lives, therefore we would never afford to stop even for a moment because it is just this very moment that might be worth valuable information. The Siogodni news programme is operating everywhere: in Studio, outside the camera’s view, in  Ukraine and the world over 24 hours a day so as not to let any detail pass out and to introduce our audience to time sensitive, topical, life-mirroring facts and issues. Within the framework of our campaign we would like to move closer to our viewers, dispel myths and stereotypes set in the community and show  everyday routine (life and work) of the team trusted by the entire country», - says Yuri Sugak, Director, Information Broadcast Directorate, Editor-in-Chief, TV Channel Ukraine.

The Siogodni news 360 promo campaign is under way with the motto: «Entire Country Trusts Us». A range of various communication tools and channels are to be involved and in particular: promo spots on TV and radio, external advertising in cities, subway advertisement, layouts and publications in print media, advertising on digital platforms (sites and social networks). The promo campaign concept has been developed by the TV Channel Ukraine and Siogodni marketing teams under the guidance of Olena Shvoriak, Marketing Director, TV Channel Ukraine and Anna Pleshch, Head, the Siogodni brand.

The Siogodni promo spots under the name of Entire Country Trusts Us have been launched on the TV Channel Ukraine since May 1. Svitlana Berezhna, promo director was at the head the Ukraine creative team in charge of the on air promo. According to Svitlana it was the desire to show the round-the-clock process of news making, the effort and creative endeavor by a hundred of employees providing the Ukrainians with the never-ending immediate access to update, accurate and truthful information on a number of platforms, that had motivated the team to produce the said promo spot.

«The Siogodni promo spot - is in fact a movie on the entire world of news. Siogodni is not just the newscast. It’s the teamwork in action and the team is an entity working closely together, running as well-oiled machine. We show what is going on backstage round-the-clock, preparations for airing, regional and international correspondents job involvement and its fruit – accurate and truthful info on TV, in a newspaper or, else, online», - commented Svitalana Berezhna, Promo Director, TV Channel Ukraine.

The spot was produced by: Roman Shoma – Idea;  Iryna Yevstefeyeva – art director; Dasha Golubkova, Olena Sharova – Producers; Maksym Ksionda – Director; Maryna Kotsyubenko – Copywriter.

The Siogodni promo spot may be watched using the link: https://bit.ly/2Wr8D8O

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