NLO TV: Teacher-Students Series

Published Tue, 4 June, 11:01

NLO TV, a channel for youth, keeps gladdening its viewers’ hearts with in-house produced sitcoms. A comedy series provisionally named Prepods (Profs) focusing on teachers and their students is the next thing on the agenda. The shooting has been launched quite recently but the airing is scheduled for this autumn.


The series revolves around four young teachers: Elvira, Daryna, Artour and Yaroslav. It seems just like yesterday, not far away, that they were hanging out, partying day and night, cramming, nicknaming their draggy profs. And today they find themselves at the lecturing desk. It seems to be a problem for them to look quite serious in front of their students and moreover to look quite respectable in the eyes of their senior colleagues. Therefore the profs are getting caught up in some funny, idiotic, sticky or sometimes nice situations. They will go all out at the commercial college headed by quite an unusual director and they will be sure able to drastically change a view of the learning process as something dull and boring.

«We have made up our minds to keep on airing stories with different professions in the center. Cops and medics (both students and paramedics) have already been driving off on NLO. And now let’s have a closer look at the college teachers. We are well prepared to any experiments that would be tailored to our viewers’ liking», - comments Ivan Bukreyev , Director, NLO TV Channel.

Below is the cast: Iryna Andreyeva as Oksana Kovdra, Director; Mariiya Krushynska as Yuliia, psychology teacher, Oleksandr Rudko as Artour, a history teacher, Anatole Fon-Filandra as Yaroslav, an English Teacher, Tetiana Stepanchenkova as Daryna, math and computer studies, Lyubliana Fenchak as Elvira, art&aesthetics.

Prepods is a series on teachers and their everyday routine where there is no room for mediocrity.

Produced by Marker Media.

Producers: Andriy Tanabash, Ella Bobleniuk, Ivan Bukreyev, Oleg Dobrelia.

Director of Production: Maryna Tanurkova.

Director: Natalia Pasenytska.

Script writers: Oleksandr Saikov and Anton Holkin.

Editor: Dmytro Shostak.

Literary Editor: Inna Riepina.

Casting Director: Arina Petrova.

Director of Photography: Dmytro Oksamytnyi.

Artistic Director: Yuri Syrosh.

Costume Designer: Kateryna Lytvynova.

Makeup Designer: Heorhiy Markevych.

Sound Director on the set: Denys Kashchey.

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