Channel Ukraine – Leader in Audience Choice in May

Published Tue, 4 June, 17:09

As of the end of May 2019 Channel Ukraine became the leader in TV viewing for both, weekdays and weekends. The Channel is keeping its lead among all Ukraine’s TV Channels for all main audiences and in particular: 18-54 (50,000+) and 18+ (50,000+), 4+ (All Ukraine).

TV Channel Ukraine – Leader in TV Viewing in May 2019Grafik

Given the a.m., the Channel’s performance data was as follows:
For 18-54 (50,000+): average share (shr%) 11.24%*, rat (rat%) 1.31 %*;
For 18+ (50,000+), share -15.41** rating 2.41%**
For 4+ (All Ukraine), share 13.80%***, rating  -1.97%***

The Channel’s leading position in May was ensured by morning, daytime and primetime in-house projects, such as : «Segodnia»*/** (Today), «Ranok z Ukrayinoyu»** (Morning with Ukraine), «Zirkovy Shliakh»*/**, (Star Trek), «Realna Mistyka»*/** (Real Mystics), «Agenty Spravedlyvosti»*/** (Agents of Justice), «Istoriya Odnogo Zlochynu»*/* (A Story of a Crime), «Govoryt Ukrayina»*/** (Here’s Ukraine), «Golovna Tema» with Yelena Kot */** (Main Theme with Yelena Kot), «Guchna Sprava»*/** (High Profile Case), «Bez Paniki»*/** (No Panic), «Siogodni. Pidsumky z Olegom Panyutoyu»*/** (Overall Results with Oleg Panyuta). All of them ranked first in their respective slots.

The weekend primetime series and miniseries were traditionally a success with the audience. Chuze Zhyttia (Somebody Else’s Life), a 12 episode love saga produced by Star Media and aired within the framework of special programming on May 9, gathered 9.4 mln. viewers. Solona Karamel (Salty Caramels) produced by Filmstream and Vileton Films was watched by 7.19 mln persons. When it comes to Chuzhyi Grih (Somebody Else’s Sin), a 4 episode movie it was viewed by 7.98 mln viewers.*** Bez Vagan (Without any hesitations), a melodrama co-produced by Star Media and the Channel was watched by 7.19 mln Ukrainians.

Ranok z Ukrayinoyu (Morning with Ukraine), an infotainment show was still a leader  with 14.15%** in viewing share and 1.14%** in rating  for 18+ (50,000+). 8.61 mln*** Ukrainians started their day with this show in May.

Segodnia (Today), a news show, winning usually a wide audience response is still an indisputable leader in information broadcasting. A number of special shows to mark memorable dates and important events in this country’s life were aired in the course of May. To mention just one of them is Segodnia at 9.A.M. of May 16 with the live standup from Vyshyvanka Day (Embroidered Shirt Day) arranged by the Channel and brand Segodnia; It became the leader in its relevant slot (*/**) and namely: 15.9% in viewing share for 18-54 (50,000)  ad 14.99 % ** for 18+ (50,000). As a whole Segodnia broadcasts at 3 P.M., 7P.M., 11 P.M. gathered by screens 11.65, 15.92 and 11.11 viewers, respectively.

Ukraine’s football cup tie was telecast in May with 4.16 mln viewers watching the ardent match between Shakhter and Inguletz.

*The data calculated for audiences 18-54, sampling 50,000 +
** The data calculated for audiences 18+, sampling 50,000 +
*** The data calculated for audiences 4+, sampling All Ukraine.
The TV audience research data belong with ITC with Nielsen acting as the panel operator; monitoring – by Communicative Alliance. The performance data provided by Ukrayina TV Channel. The data for May 2019 are final, calculated as rat.%, shr.%, and cov.#. Detailed data and target audience definitions may be found in ITC glossary.

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