Yevheniy Bondarenko Appointed Director, Media Group Ukraine

Published Mon, 10 June, 10:33

Євген Бондаренко

Yevheniy Bondarenko was appointed Director, Media Group Ukraine as of June 10, 2019. For seven years prior to the date he had been holding the job of Director of Operations, StarLightMedia Group.

Yevhen Bondrenko, Director, Media Group Ukraine: «Being at the head of Media Group Ukraine is a great honour and responsibility. The Group is prosperous, incorporating a unique asset portfolio and a handpicked team. In the earliest possible timeframe we are supposed to come up with our priorities and strategies for future development. One thing is for sure: we will forge onwards to cultivate the market and industry I’ve devoted a few years of my lifetime. I am thus absolutely and totally committed to implementing projects with the aim to consistently improve the areas in question. The task is challenging and captivating at the  same time. But it sparks creativity and gives rise to motivation».

Oleksandr BarynovHead, Supervisinng Board, Media Group Ukraine: «We do live in the global world where content becomes ever more valuable and media industry is going through a fundamental transformation. In fact, this is a new industry being born right before our eyes. Therefore, the traditional market players dominating the market are bound not only to meet the challenge but to initiate the changes. Media Group Ukraine is the youngest and the most ambitious media group in this country employing a creative and highly motivated team. I am sure that Yevheniy Bondarenko with his vast experience and system approach to business management will take us to a new level of development and help augment our achievements».

Yevheniy Bondarenko: Employment Record & Academic Background:

2012- 2019 – Chief Director of Operations, StarLightMedia.

2006-2012 – Performance Manager in EASTOne Group, in charge of strategic development process, operational asset performance, including media assets.

1997 – starting work activities, holding key positions in a number of companies in spheres such as finance, accounting and audit.

Academic Background: higher education (at university level) in economics; two MBA diplomas: WU Executive Academy, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Аustria) and Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota (USA).

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