NLO TV Voice and Actress from Defectives - Nominees for Best Dubbing Audience Award.

Published Mon, 10 June 2019, 16:17


The Best Dubbing Audience Award established by Cinema City, a cinema chain, was launched on March 13. Nominated were Mykola Syrokvash, the NLO TV voice, and Kateryna Nutska, an actress from the Defectives TV Series. Both of them did the dubbing of Dave and Sheila, respectively in Rocketman, a box–office hit and Elton John’s biopic. 

«It is no large part at all but the Award is adjudged by the viewers! Moreover, that’s my first nomination in the art of dubbing. I’ve found myself among powerful and experienced agonists. Of course I am pleased and honoured. No doubt about it. I do think that Ukrainian dubbing is the best in the world. And it is so good and smart of Cinema City to have established this honourable award. A lot of people do the dubbing: coordinators, directors, QC editors ensuring the lip-sync, sound editors, translators, and we, actors or  voice talents as they say. We strain every effort so that the characters would speak Ukrainian as if it were their native tongue for the whole of their lives», – comments Mykola.

When it comes to the Audience Award the final decision is approved by viewers in a very special way. A few draw tubes are installed in the cinema theatre hall in Kyiv. Each of them bears an inscription: a character’s name and a respective voice talent’s name. Those intent to give their voice for some actor would put their popcorn in the relevant rube. Thus whoever has their tube most filled – wins the Award.

«It’s real cool to have the Best Dubbing Audience Award established. At last the viewer would be familiar with Ukrainian voice talents of the their favourite characters. When it comes to me I am so happy to find myself among real living legends. Moreover, it motivates you to be the best one and that means to work harder. I feel so lucky to be a few time nominee and one time winner. It only takes off from here»,- says Kateryna.

Best Dubbing Audience Award is aimed at promoting Ukrainian dubbing voice talents so as to duly appraise their contribution to the original character performance on the screen.

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