First on NLO TV: Panika Vova Detective Series

Published Thu, 11 July 2019, 11:08

The shots of Panika Vova, a detective series bound to be first aired on the NLO TV in autumn, are well under way in Kyiv now. This is a collection of stories about Volodymyr (Vova) Boyko, a private detective, and Nika, his assistant, who are trying to unravel mysteries uniting complicated knots.


«The series is custom made by Kunica Production Studio on order by Indygo TV, our Group’s third terrestrial channel and a regular major in detective stories, but  the script appeared to be so facile and often even funny that we made up our minds to transfer the premiere to the NLO TV which is actually an entertaining channel. It is no sitcom at all but has strong ironic overtones in keeping with the best traditions of Castle and Moonlighting. By doing this crime-comedy-drama series we would like to introduce new and interesting elements into our viewers’ everyday routine», - says Ivan Bukreyev, Director, NLO TV.

The story starts to unfold when its main character, Volodymyt Boyko, once a popular actor cast as a detective becomes a true detective merely by force of circumstances, not on the screen, though. Nika, his longtime acquaintance, having a good command of computers acts as his assistant  in the sleuthing. Having cleared up one case, they start to unravel others being faced with challenges and even murders.

«The main character’s story that’s what makes a point in our series , its kicker, so to say.  It is due to his actor training in the past that our main charater is a born shape shifter easily transforming into different images even those of  females to get the information the couple needs for the investigations. The plot suggests a number of murders but we have little relish for atrocities of all sorts. It is their logic that counts and we are trying  trace the way the things are coming to a head»,- comments Serge Kunitsyn, General Producer.

The leads are played by Oleksiy Komarovsky (starred in Paradox also aired on NLO TV) Mariya Severilova, Serhiy Kysil, Mykhailo Dosenko and Roman Lukianov.

Production Note:

Produced by: Kunica Production Studio

Idea by:  Oleg Dobrelia, Ivan Bukreyev, Serge Kunitsyn

General Producer: Serge Serge Kunitsyn

Producers: Ivan Bukreyev, Oleg Dobrelia.

Executive Producer: Serhiy Piddubny

Executive Producer: Oleksiy Khramov

Chief Scriptwriter: Grygoriy Shynkarenko

Editor-in-Chief: Dmytro Shostak

Director: Maksym Herasymov

Director of Photography: Ivan Vissarionov

Camera: Igor Fetko

Chief Sound Director: Oleksandr Burmytsky

Film Designer: Tymur Yusin

Fashion Designer: Vitaliy Birkovsky

Makeup Artist: Yuliya Svyryrdova

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