Journalists from Kazakhstan coming to Siogodni in Search of Best Practices

Published Fr, 12 July, 11:09

Early in July a group of journalists from the Republic of Kazakhstan came on to Siogodni with the aim to share experiences and ideas.


The two journalists: and namely Daniyar Sensenbayev – editor from Taldykorgan, an urban broadsheet, and Khasan Yespanov, Deputy editor from Vogni Alatau, an Almaty regional newspaper, were staying with Siogodni from July 3 through 5 so as to adopt the best practices of their Ukrainian colleagues.

The guests visited the set where the Siogodni newscasts are air played as well as offices of both, the site and newspaper of the same name.


«Getting familiar with the newspaper and site operations was of primary importance to us. We are now aware of the fact that analytical materials are center stage in the newspaper, while the site mostly publishes the news as such the way they do at the information agencies. It was quite useful to learn that the site and newspaper operations are characterized by smooth and well-run journalistic teamwork», - commented Khasan Yespanov.

The guests were also given presentation on Ukrainian media in terms of their current possibilities and future prospects.


«The performance rate of a million views per 24 hours is too high with us. However, this a regular performance rate for the site of Siogodni», - says Daniyar Sensenbayev.

Yuri Sugak, Editor-in-Chief, TV Channel Ukraine, Director for Information Broadcast, spoke on specialties of the Siogodni operations as brand, its achievements.

«Siogodni – is a major multimedia brand. And therefore we are to be in the thick of events so that we could inform our viewers and readers of the most important things. That’s what they expect from us as the channel taking the lead. It goes without saying that all media groups are commissioned with similar tasks but our advantage is: a group of regional channels at our disposal, the best paper in Ukraine and the site taking the lead among the news platforms. Therefore we are pleased and honored to welcome our foreign colleagues keen on our experience and anxious to adopt our best practices», – said Yuri Sugak.

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