Robbery Ukrainian Style Presented by NLO at Summer Market, Odessa IFF

Published Mon, 15 July, 15:45

It was on July 15 that Odessa IFF’s Summer Market became the venue for the Robbery Ukrainain Style joint presentation by the NLO TV Channel and MMD UA Distribution Company. The film premiere broadcast is scheduled for February 13, 2020.


«This is our third in succession full length feature after Infoholic and Class Reunion. Robbery Ukrainian Style is a romcom about a good plain fellow from Ukraine taking the plunge. Viewers would watch real people faced with real problems under the conditions not so far from reality.

Being scrupulous about casting without focusing on celebrities we seem to have  found perfect  actors. Together with MMD.UA which is in charge of the film distribution we are looking forward to see Ukrainians at movie theatres attracted by the romcom on the eve of the romantic holiday date», – said Ivan Bukreyev, NLO TV Director and the film producer.

Robbery Ukrainian Style – is a heart comedy about a regular guy by the name of Alex, a swimming coach for kids, falling head over heels for an unattainable beauty. Eager to cut to her and change his life drastically he makes up his mind to rob a bank. But all of a sudden the robbery turns into a true test putting at risk not only him but those by his side.

«Money does not buy happiness, although most people think that it does. However, there are some other things that bring happiness in reality. And our motion picture would talk our viewers through such things. It is full of action, humour and love which is most important. I am sure that our viewers won’t just enjoy watching it. Moreover, they would hopefully perceive the tenderer human values that all of us had been guided by when doing the film Robbery Ukrainian Style», - commented  Roman Martynenko, MMD UA head and the movie producer.

The film featured: Ostap Halavko as Alex, Mariya Zaniborshch, Andriy Burym, Vlad Yama, Volodymyr Goriansky and others.

Production Note

Robbery. Ukrainian Style.

Ukraine, 2019


Genre: Romantic Comedy

Directed by: Alina Bukhtiyarova

General Producers: Ivan Bukreyev, Roman Martynenko

Executive Producer: Kyrylo Horobets

Idea by: Andriy Slyvka

Written by: Maksym Homutyn Alina Semeriakova

Cast: Ostap Halavko , Vlad Yama , Andriy Burym, Vlad Yama, Volodymyr Goriansky, Oleksandr Sokolov,   , Yakiv Kucherevsky,  Mariya Zaniborshch, Yekateryna Vaivala Stalina Lagoshniak , Serhiy Bulin, Oksana Borbat, olena Kokhlatkina .

Premiere broadcast in Ukraine scheduled for February 13, 2020

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