Oleksandr Denysov: We are not going to be at loggerheads with the clubs that have voted against

Published Fr, 26 July, 17:10

Oleksandr Denysov spoke on the contract with UPL awarding both the TV Channels with the exclusive broadcast license for the tournament matches. Moreover, the Football 1/Football 2 Director emphasized that he has no intent to get tough with the clubs which have blackballed the single pool.


«It was just yesterday that we received the official UPL notice saying that the majority of the club members had signed a 3 year agreement with Football 1/Football 2 . It is starting this date that we will sign the contract with UPL and launch preparations with the aim to organize the opening round broadcasts.

If you want my opinion on the clubs that have casted a negative vote or signed direct contracts with other broadcasters in breach of regulatory standards, I would only assure you that we are not at loggerheads with such clubs and have no intent to get tough with them. We are executing a relevant contract with UPL and it is for UPL to address the issue and find the solution to the problem. We have no doubt that a certain option would be found and agreed by all the interested parties», - said Denysov.

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