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Published Tue, 30 July, 16:18 (the site of Siogodnia, a multimedia brand) has fully changed its design. A  new design of offers a better insight into its content diversity. Whereas the site is the main digital tool of the  multimedia brand Siogodnia it is the video content which is in the spotlight of attention thus keeping in pace with the worldwide trends and trying to meet  the users’ interest. We are aware that video accounts for 85% of content consumed  in the digital sphere.


Olena Shabashkevich, Director, Internet Projects Development, MGU “It is worth noting that the freshly developed design symbolizes our intent to break from the  long established   tradition to place a good deal of content on a single screen. Instead we tried to make it possible for a customer to focus on a separate news, longread or interview.   We would not like to resort to platitudes emphasizing the role of mobile devices in our everyday routine. Smartphone is among the amenities of everyday lives for most of us.  Therefore the new design stems from the fact that our audience have actually migrated from classical desk top devices to mobile ones.  As of today it accounts for  80%. Therefore a user friendly site version is a ticket to success with our customers”. 

You would not practically find any advertising on the home page. Because it is, first and foremost, aimed at familiarizing the customer with content in all its versatility and enabling them to choose the most interesting things in the easiest way possible.

Olena Shabashkevich, Director, Internet Projects Development, MGU: “Our next step in relationships with viewers  - personalization of news. We are eager to see each of our site’s visitors  to receive valuable insights and be updated”.

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