TV Channel Ukraine/Star Media: New Movie Co-Production

Published Wed, 31 July, 11:14

TV Channel Ukraine and Star Media are having a new project on the go: a 4 episode TV movie under the name of “Ty tilky vir” (You only trust me); The main heroine, Olena Sokolovska  by name  is a woman that all of sudden loses everything, once of importance to her.


She used to be envied by  friends and acquaintances. Her life seemed sort of fabulous to all of them: a wealthy husband, a wise mother-in-law, a son, an A student and sportsman, and a daughter to be due.

A car accident proved to be quite sufficient to smash the fabulous life into shivers with brutal reality mirroring in them: lies, infidelity, nasty tricks, loneliness.

But for  little Mariyka and Andriy she would have blown her roof. They have actually raised her from the dead.

The movie cast  included: Olga Sukhareva, Alla Maslennikova,Oleksandr Davydov, Mykyta Parkhomenko, Tymofiy Karatayev, Valriya Khodos, Inga Nagorna and others.


“While doing any part I always try to create a true person instead of  a black-and –white mask. Dmytro whom I perform in “Ty tilky vir” is a multi-faceted person, the embodiment of both, good and evil alike. Like any human he is far from being perfect. It is for you  to watch  what will come out of my character”, -says Oleksandr Davydov.

The movie is directed by Ihor Moskovitin, with Director of Photography – Oleksandr Onopriyenko and Producers: Nataliya Strybuk, Larysa Zhuravska, Viktoriia Korogod. The movie is coproduced by TV Channel Ukraine and Star Media, the shoots take place in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

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