Championships of Spain, Germany and France on Football 1/Football 2

Published Thu, 1 August, 17:27

Football 1/Football 2 have entered into long term contracts on broadcasting domestic championship matches of Spain, Germany and France in a new season.


«Europe’s top domestic championships are bound to get underway in two weeks and we are sure pleased to announce that Football1/Football 2 in partnership with the Megogo online service will offer our viewers three new leagues at once and namely: La Liga ( Spain), Bundesliga Germany and Ligue 1 (France). Our viewers will be treated to a most delicious dish of the European football – El Clasico Real: Barcelona; You will also witness clashes of principle, such as Borusssia ( Dortmund) and Bavaria as well as PSG and Lion. Each of the a.m. domestic championships are characterized by intrigues of its own and this is a guarantee of spectacular performances. When it comes to specific terms I may say that La Liga will be on Football 1/Football 2 for the next four seasons», - comments Oleksandr Denysov, Director, Football1/Football2.

It’s worth noting that France’s domestic championship starts out on August 9 and domestic championships of Spain and Germany on August 16.

Apart from the a.m. three championships Football1/Football 2 are official broadcasters of Ukraine’s domestic championship, of Belgium’s and Italy’s championships, of Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Europe 2020 qualifiers.

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