Yuliia Kostetska Appointed Business Director, Media Group Ukraine

Published Fr, 2 August, 16:28

It was on August 1, 2019 that Yuliia Kostetska was appointed Business Director, Media Group Ukraine (MGU). Yuliia is vastly experienced in media spheres and  particularly, in advertising sales and  monetization of media projects. Suffice it to say that she used to hold positions,  such as Director, Media Partnership Sales House and Director Media Partnership Buying; her previous work record lists such companies as Vydavnychy Dim UMH (Publishing House), Blitz Inform (Publishing House) Atlantic Group Ltd.

Yevhen Bondarenko, Director, Media Group Ukraine: "Our Holding  currently finds itself at  the critical and vitally important development stage . Therefore we need to precisely decide on our key objectives and tasks for the nearest future and strategies to implement them. While introducing any modifications we are targeted first and foremost at business results and financial effectiveness. Thus Juliia's experience, competence and commitment to commercially effective projects are of primary importance to the Group; moreover, not only is Juliia confident of our victory, she is able to instill the confidence in the entire team of her colleagues. I am pleased to have Juliia keen on our managerial offer and sure of having a lot of spirit-stirring tasks in store for us".

Юлія Костецька


Yuliia Kostetska, Business Diretor, Media Group Ukraine: "The offer to join the team of MGU with the aim to implement the Group strategy is a great honour and professional challenge to me. I am sure that the MGU is the most progressive media group in the market with a strong potential to create, distribute and monetize content so as to meet new trends and challenges of today. My experience gained when managing the Group’s   sales house would  be of great help  in transforming the Holding’s current business model. We are aimed at providing growth in revenues, and when it comes to our priority tasks, such as creating new products and promoting new far reaching project monetization areas, they do motivate and give an energetic boost to proceed with our work. I am pleased to become a part of young professionals within MGU because they are optimistic, motivated and committed to what we create  and develop".

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