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Published Fr, 9 August, 13:42

With the aim to mark the 28th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence the Siogodni news programme has prepared an ambitious project named Independence Formula. It will be launched on the eve of the Flag Day to last for three days. All the special holiday broadcasts are knit together by a single idea: Ukrainians are different sharing – at the same time- common values comprising the Independence Formula.


On August 22 Siogodni will introduce a new holiday: Ukrainian’s Day devoted to everyday lives of today’s Ukrainians or those who feel like being Ukrainians worldwide. It is on that day that each and every one is invited to join the holiday and to tell in their own words in social networks how it feels to be a Ukrainian today. The newscasters Maksym Sikora and Olha Hrytzyk will present unusual life stories of the Ukrainians the world over.

On August 23 Siogodni guided by the broadcasters Anna Panova and Ihor Pupkov will be keep up with the All Ukrainian Correspondents’ Expedition ranging from Hoverla, this country’s highest point , to Kuyalnytzky Lyman, its lowest point, while setting Ukraine’s records for the National Flag Day.

On August 24 Siogodni will air the first ever award of Today’s Heroes hosted by the newscasters Oleg Panyuta and Anna Panova and devoted to life stories of the Ukrainians worthy of respect and high esteem. The event will be broadcast live with the hosts on the open performance stage supported with the augmented reality technology. They will speak on the milestones of Ukraine’s independence period while presenting the audience with the awardees.

«All of us living in different regions and cities are well aware of our roots while cherishing our traditions. Sometimes we vary notably from each other and the distinction might be of great importance to us. While respecting the distinctions we still remember that we are one people with our own dignity, roots and history. We do unite around our shared, values, such as our native land, our history, our nation. This is our Independence Formula», - said Yuri Sugak, Director, Directorate of Info Broadcasting, Editor-in Chief, TV Channel Ukraine.

Let’s celebrate Independence together with the Siogodni news special shows scheduled on air for August 22, 23, 24.

Siogodni news unites this country and the entire world is in touch with us!

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