Media Group Ukraine Closing Deal with Polcast

Published Tue, 13 August, 12:58

Media Group Ukraine has closed a deal for its top-rated TV series content with Polcast, a Polish Group incorporating channels, such as Polonia1, Tele 5, Novela TV, Detective psychodrama «Who Are You?» and highly successful scripted reality series «True Mystery» will premiere in Poland shortly.


Iryna Chernyak, Director of TV Content Sales and Product Acquisitions, Media Group Ukraine: «It has been a while since we entered television market of Central and Eastern European Countries. Our content, mainly TV series usually focuses on the stories that most viewers can easily relate to.  I am pleased to announce the beginning of our cooperation with such a major broadcaster as Polcast Television. We have a significant library of finished content, formats and original scripts which we are happy to offer to our Polish colleagues».

Who are you

Inge Shtefan, a psychoanalyst from the detective drama is «Who Are You?» having been faced with a number of her patients dying under dubious circumstances and her fiancé disappearing, plunges into criminal investigations of her own while cooperating with the cops from a homicide department. In the course of the investigations she learns that a maniac guilty of all murders (including her fiancé’s) has been spying on her for many years. While investigating yet another case she is trying to place herself into the murderer’s position: «Who are you? What are your motives?».

Who Are You (3)

Scripted reality «True Mystery» was first aired on the TV Channel «Ukraine» in 2015 with the highest performance rates achieved in the project’s third season. The show is aimed at finding solutions to mysterious cases, giving a rational explanation for murky or puzzling events. The show episodes are focused on average viewers faced with inexplicable (at first sight) phenomena and travails in their everyday routines. A team of experienced professionals investigates such seemingly «weird» cases to find a solution to the problem.

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