TV Channel Ukraine – Leader in TV Viewing on Ukraine’s Independence Day

Published Wed, 28 August, 10:45

The TV Channel Ukraine became the leader in TV viewing on 24 August, this country’s Independence Day for all main audiences and in particular: its  average share (shr) for 18-54 (50,000+) amounted to 11.77* and rating – to 1.28%*; as for the 18+ ( 50,000+) the share (shr%) accounted for 16.43%** and rating – 2.48%;** as for the 4+ (All Ukraine) target audience it showed 15.79%*** in share and 2.16%*** in rating.


The TV Channel’s festivities started with a three hour special broadcast of Ranok z Ukrayinoyu (Morning with Ukraine) with popular hosts, such as Anatoliy Anatolich, Liliya Rebryk, Hryhoriy Herman and Mariya Melnyk travelling all over Ukraine so that  the viewers had a chance to admire the picture of Ukraine, its wonders, natural grandeur and beauty. The show performed with the average share (shr%) amounting to 13.23%* and  15.30* for 18-54 ( 50,000+) and 18+( 50,000+), respectively. 

With the aim to mark the 28th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence the Siogodni (Today) news programme prepared an ambitious project named Formula Nezalezhnosti (Independence Formula) launched on the eve of the Flag Day to last for three days (the nationwide record); moreover they also established a new holiday named Den Ukrayintsia (Ukrainian’s Day) and granted the Heroyi Segodnia (Heroes of Today) award to the Ukrainians whose actions had reflected credit on them.  All the special holiday broadcasts were knit together and won a great success with  the viewers The Siogodni 7 P.M. special show emerged the best in its slot (*/**) with the average share (shr%) amounting to 13.99%* and 19.42%** for 18-54 ( 50,000+) and 18+( 50,000+), respectively. 

Happy Birthday Ukraine, a gala concert produced by the TV Channel  Ukraine to celebrate. This country’s Independence Day, performed best of all other shows on this country ‘s television. The festive show performance data proved to be the best one among  Ukraine’s TV Channels and in particular:  the average share (shr%) for 18-54 (50,000+) amounted to 13.84 * and rating (rat%) – 2.75* and as for the 18+(50,000+) the share (shr%) accounted for 19.05%** and rating (rat%) 5.51%**.

An ambitious gala contained the most popular Ukrainian hits performed by the country’s top musicians. The show surprised the audience with  high technology performances with an emphasis on  the most time-sensitive artistic solutions.

The festivities in Kyiv as aired by the TV Channel Ukraine were  echoed by one more concert  named  Musychna Platforma ( Music Platform) which had been held in Lviv on the eve of the holiday an August 17. It was a no less successful with high performance rates and in particular: 10.79 %* in share, 1.97% * in rating and 11.93%** in share and 2.76%** in rating for 18-54 (50,000+) and 18+(50,000+), respectively.


* The data calculated for the 18-54 audience age, sampling for «50,000+»

** The data calculated for the 18+ audience age, sampling for «50,000+»

*** The data calculated for the 4+ audience age, sampling for «All Ukraine»

The audience research data belong to the TV Industrial Committee (ITC) with Nielsen as panel operator and monitoring performed by Communications Alliance; provided by the TV Channel Ukraine.

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