Timour Miroshnychenko – New Host for Zirkovy Shliakh

Published Mon, 2 September, 11:23

Timour Miroshnychenko, a show man became a new host for Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Trek) aired by the TV Channel Ukraine at 9.30 A.M. on weekdays. Miroshnychenko has been invited to host the show since Oleksandr Skichko, its former host quitted the project.

Мірошниченко Тімур

The TV Channel’s viewers were able to watch a renewed variant of the show on September 2. Alongside with sensational revelations by celebrities a new host was presented to the audience.

«Despite a 15-year experience in show business I was nervous before the first recording. However the first recording session left me with a feeling as if I had always belonged here. This is a positive sign. I am thrilled by the atmosphere at the TV Channel and also by the project team», - comments Miroshnychenko.

Olena Vinnytska, his partner and consistent hostess of Zirkovy Shliakh got acquainted with Timour personally at the casting. She is in raptures from the first shooting day they shared.

Олена Вінницька з Тімуром Мірошниченко

«Having learned that Timour was chosen as my sidekick I was very glad. He is not only a pro who seems to know all about celebrities but is a nice guy and matching personality», - says Olena.

It is worth noting that Timour is a good friend of Oleksandr Skichko, the show’s former host. Oleksandr gave up the project to make a career in politics.

When it comes to the new season Zirkovy Shliakh will sure surprise the viewers by dramatic revelations made by celebrities and original episode sections; as to the Kava z Pertsem section (Coffee with Pepper) it will open the veil of their lives and ways to stardom.

You are welcome to watch Zirkovy Shliakh aired over the TV Channel Ukraine.

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