Information Brand Siogodni to Focus on Digital and TV Format Development

Published Mon, 2 September 2019, 14:51

Media Group Ukraine has passed a decision to suspend publishing Siogodni, a daily, which is supposed to appear for the last time on September 27, 2019. The current and relevant information would be further found on our site and in TV news broadcasts.


Yevheniy Bondarenko, Director, Media Group Ukraine:

«The top priority of Siogodni as the news brand is to create the best news content in this country and deliver it to our audience as soon as possible. The worldwide media market is progressing and globally moving toward digital mass media. Ukraine, however is characterized by its local specifics in this respect and, in particular: the print media sales system is mostly in ruins; publishing become ever more costlier (in currency denomination) and the trend will continue to persist. The timing also leaves much to be desired since the regional readers have access to the news in a two day and sometimes even in a week time. The situation has lately deteriorated and therefore we made up our minds to suspend publishing the daily paper and focus our attention and effort on furthering the site and TV news of the same name. The newspaper Siogodni has undoubtedly paved the way for our news brand and this is sure a milestone in Ukraine’s journalism. We are proud of the job done for more than 21 years of our dedicated and hard work. The brand’s life and advancement will be kept afloat in the digital environment».

Andriy Romanenko, General Director, Siogodni Multimedia:

«It is over the last nine years that the average weekly coverage shown by newspapers (both, daily and weekly) has been subject to a 52 % decrease. In the course of the same period the Internet coverage has been subject to a 60% growth. Quite a few print media outlets have been suppressed. The remaining market players are not in a position to support the infrastructure required. The whole market segments have gone broke, e.g., subscription agencies, sales networks for periodicals, etc. This holds especially true for remote regions, for small towns with the population -50,000 where they used to read papers.  It makes no sense to issue a newspaper without any possibility to distribute it. That is why we chose to suspend the daily publishing and to focus on the site and TV news development instead. All employees will be offered jobs available in the Group or, else, fair lay off provisions».

Olha Guk, Editor-In-Chief, Siogodni newspaper:

«Our team has spared no effort for the daily Siogodni to become the readers’ sweetheart and # 1 in this country among all print media outlets. We have left behind all papers and magazines including ever popular TV guides and crosswords. This is the achievement we are proud of. My colleagues’ creative endeavor and their sleepless nights, that’s what is behind the scenes of the success. It is our dream team.

I am grateful to each and every one who worked at the newspaper office, to all readers who headed to news stands for buying the newspaper Siogodni despite a great deal of free printed  content, to all staff members of Siogodni Multimedia who have always been and will always be loyal and committed to its spirit and traditions».

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