Award for Daring Ukrainians by Siogodni News Programme on TV Channel Ukraine

Published Wed, 4 September 2019, 16:26

On eve of the Independence Day the Siogodni news programme broadcast by the TV Channel Ukraine established a special award for their compatriots deserving great credit for their deeds. The names became announced during the festive programme aired on August 24.


The Siogodni news broadcasts keep acquainting us with our compatriots who inspire the audience with their bravery, devotion to duty, personal involvement thus calling upon our viewers to share the stories of the kind.

While marking the 28th anniversary of this country’s independence the newly established award named Heroes of Today was given to a few Ukrainians. Ukraine’s history is made by those personally involved.

«When recording the stories we happen to meet a lot of people with their life stories being sometimes quite thrilling because they set the examples of true bravery and valour. Such people encouraged our team to establish the award Heroes of Today. The first awards were given to eight persons. However we are sure that such unrivaled humans might be found in numbers in this country. There are still  a lot of Ukrainians to be awarded», – commented Yuriy Sugak, Director, News Broadcasting Editor-in-Chief, TV Channel Ukraine.

The first eight awardees are as below:

Yuriy Maliavin – a minibus passenger saving lives of his 60 fellow passengers while one of them threatened to frag the bus;

Oleksandr Danylyuk – a military surgeon performing 100 operations on the wounded at the height of; no special equipment available;

Volodymyr Paliychuk – volunteer firefighter, professional rescuers can’t do without his support and assistance in Frankivsk region;

Oleg Sobchenko –active in environment protection, rescues the river Ros from shallowing;

Daryna Brykailo and Inessa Matyushenko – g over cancer, helping Ukrainians to overcome cancer phobia;

Oleg Gorbatyuk – head of the territorial community that managed to raise the abandoned local villages from the ashes;

Viktor Kryvoborodko and Volodymyr Rudkovsky – village sheriffs saving the villagers from mayhem of crime figures in the absence of law enforcement authorities;

Natalia Popova – community activist, cares for animals protecting them from poachers and circus tortures.

The Siogodni news programmes call upon Ukrainians to share the lifestories that invigorate and motivate us to bold moves; the stories and relevant contacts might be shared via e-mail box s-heroes@trkua.TV

The Hero of Today award ceremony will be held at the year end.

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