Hunting for Debrin’s Heart and Unexpected Revelations: TV Channel Ukraine – To Launch a New Season of Realna Mistyka

Published Fr, 13 September 2019, 13:31

The ninth season of the scripted reality Realna Mistyka (Real Mysticism) is to be launched on the TV Channel Ukraine at 11.30 A.M. on September 16. Its characters are as usual trying to find rational explanations for inexplicable and mysterious things.

Реальна містика

The ninth season would offer its viewers new stories with unpredictable finales, getting them acquainted with a new heroine and she would make some persons change their views. The sequel will bring about more love stories and surprises although one of them will result in a loss of a team member.

«The new season will be actually a stormy one, worlds apart from what happened last season. Everything that seemed stable and unbreakable in the previous season would look different now with most durable relationship to be at risk. But what strikes, first and foremost, is hunting for Debrin’s heart» - comments Andrey Debrin , host of Realna Mistyka.

Alice, a new heroine, played by Yevheniia Nechiporenko, a gifted actress, would make other characters show what they are made of. According to the actress the audience will be in raptures from unpredictable twists of the plot.

«The new season will abound in situations making a number of characters put their values and convictions to test. They will act in an unusual, unhabituated way, committing acts alien to their nature and not least because of Alice herself. My heroine is a highly trustworthy, responsible and committed personality. She would stop at nothing. However she is kind and understanding. The ninth season will bring dramatic changes and some of them would surprise the audience. I am thrilled by the shooting period and the team that made it possible for me to feel as if I became part of it, part of the family because the show is no doubt a tightly knit family», - says Yevheniia Nechiporenko who even dared to cardinally change her image for the part.

It is in this Monday’s morning show that Andriy Debrin and Nataliia Berezhna-Muzychko will share the «kickers» of the new season.

Realna Mistyka was first launched on the TV Channel Ukraine in December 2015 to become the leader among viewers’ sweethearts. As we have already noted MGU has entered into an agreement on assignment of rights to Realna Mistyka with Polcast.

The Realna Mistyka new season is produced by TelePro engaging actors popular with the audience and namely: Andriy Debrin and Liudmyla Ardelian, Nataliia Berezhna-Muzychko, Yevhen Beltyukov, Olena Riepina, Tymur Ibrayimov, Oleksiy Nechytai- Kuchynskyi, etc.

Welcome to the ninth season premier of Realna Mistyka on the TV Channel Ukraine on Monday, September 16.

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