The TV channel Football 3 will be on the air since 2020!

Published Fr, 8 November 2019, 16:45

Media Group Ukraine launches the third football channel.

Денисов и Футбол 3

In February 2020, Ukrainian football fans will have additional opportunities to watch matches of their favorite teams. Media Group Ukraine launches another football television channel, which will be called «Football 3».

Alexander Denisov, director of the TV channels «Football»:

«At the moment, the program policy of Football 3 is being developed in detail. With contractors, agreements are signed on new content, it will become more. We plan to present the concept of a complete family of channels a little later, in about one month. Naturally, with the expansion of the football product line, the content will be distributed on three channels. And our viewer will have even more opportunities to watch high-quality broadcasts».

The Football 3 TV channel will be available in cable networks, the satellite platform, and the OLL.TV OTT platform.

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