TV Channels Football 1/Football 2 Launching Legal Football Programme

Published Thu, 14 November 2019, 16:13

Acting within the framework of the content legalization campaign TV Channels Football 1/Football 2 invite owners operating in the entertainment and hospitality industries to accede to the project Legal Football.


Having pushed the HoReCa special button that has recently appeared on the TV Channels’ site one might see and interactive map showing venues legally entitled to broadcast Football 1/Football 2. While clicking the link you would see the relevant list.

The Legal Football project has been developed for public places as well as for hotels and cinema theatres where football fans get together to support their favourite teams. What we suggest is not only to acquire the rights stipulated by current laws but to also acquire an education programme on watching sports channels in public and a loyalty programme.

The programme participants will be therefore entitled to broadcast Football 1/Football 2 (HD quality including) in public places: their guests will thus have access to live broadcasts of matches, such as the Champions League, the Europa League, captivating matchups of the Ukrainian Premier League, Italian A Series, Spanish La League, German Bundesliga, League 1 France, as well as EURO 2020 finals with the Ukrainian National Team participating.

Advantages for the Legal Football partners are as below:

- Official Partner Certificate + the relevant sticker that may be placed on the entrance door;

- Placement on the Football1/Football 2 map;

- Participation in producing the TV Channels’ in-house products;

- Presents from Football1/Football2 on special football occasions and events;

- Advertising layouts as required by the partners;

TV Channels Football1/Football 2 are accessible in SD formats and HD quality in any suitable technologies: cable networks ,  IPTV,OTT,IP-APP, satellite.


Oleksandr Denysov, Director Football1/Football 2:

“The Legal Football project is of great importance for the Football 1/Football 2 TV Channels, first and foremost, within the framework of our strategy. We are pleased to know that the number of our partners is subject to permanent increase. This means that business community is in search of legal content, inclined to playing by the rules. It goes without saying that Football1/Football2 are well prepared to provide support to our partners that have chosen fair broadcasts of the football matches at the highest level possible”.

Oleksiy Remesovsky, Director, Department for Pay Channels and Media Platforms Distribution, Media Group Ukraine:

“The Legal Football programme brings us closer to worldwide standards of content consumption in public places. We are intent to create the HOReCa market seeking additional monetization of the TV Channels. While offering equal conditions, suitable technical solutions and loyalty programme we expect a favourable response from public venues and hotels which will enable us move further in this direction”.

For additional information, details and liaison contacts follow the link:

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