TV Channels Football 1/Football 2 – 11 Years on Air

Published Mon, 18 November 2019, 12:15

November 18 will witness the TV Channels Football 1/Football 2 celebrating their 11 years on air. The TV Channels have been accumulating all the best things and events in the world of football.


It was 11 years ago, on November 18, that the TV Channel Football - Ukraine’s first ever TV Channel targeted at football fans - was launched. And it was on March 1, 2011 Football + appeared on air and on November 30, 2013 Football and Football + were named Football 1 and Football 2, respectively. It is since that time that both the Channels have got a single graphic design while broadcasting matches on a par with each other.

TV Channels Football 1/Football 2 are exclusive broadcasters of matches such as the Champions League, the Europa League, UEFA Super Bowl, UEFA League of Nations, Euro Qualifiers, while showing matchups of Ukrainian Premier League, Ukrainian Cup and Super Bowl as well as championships of Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Belgium. Next year the Football 1/Football 2 viewers will be in for Euro 2020 matches with Ukraine’s national team participating.

The TV Channels’ team are producing a unique football content – in-house products. 11 in-house projects are aired on a regular basis and in particular: Big Football, Oleksandr Denysov’s authorial show, information and analytical shows, such as Main Team on Ukraine’s national football team, League of Nation Match Center, The Champions League Night, The Champions League Online; besides they might boast of daily newscasts, such as Football News, Favourite of the Day and Yellow.

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