Star Trek by TV Channel Ukraine thrown swell party for Ukrainian Celebrities

Published Fr, 29 November 2019, 16:37

Night of Chimeras, the most bombastic party of the year  was thrown by Zirkovyi Shlyakh (Star Trek), a leader among the programs on celebrities aired daily on TV Channel Ukraine at 9.30 A.M. In attendance were this country’s brightest show-biz people: NK (Nastia Kamenskyh), Potap, Olia Poliakova, Kamaliia, Alina Grosu, Jerry Heil, Olga Sumska, Pavlo Zibrov, Taras Topolia, Aliosha Alekseyev, Liliia Rebryk, Hryhoriy Herman, Mariia Melnyk, Aatoliy Anatolich, Oleksiy Sukhanov, Iryna Frolova and others. The red carpet was rolled out to welcome guests.

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 The fairy play party was thrown at the Alaska restaurant in Kyiv to time it to coincide with the  programme’s  fifth anniversary. The project authors awarded the brightest and the most popular Ukraine’s show biz stars within a few of nominations. Those who warmed the viewers’ hearts by their achievements and news topics were honored. Also the audience appreciated those who were sincere and warm, sharing both, their successes and failures speaking easily about their travails, hardships, tough moments. The Ceremony was hosted by Aliona Vinnytska and Tymur Miroshnychenko and Monroe, a tranny diva.

2019 is the programme’s tenth season on air. In the course of 5 years, the audience was acquainted with nearly 5,000 captivating stories. The 2019 brightest newsmakers were given special awards.

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Oleksand Skichko, the programme’s former host and current deputy to Verkhovna Rada became the winner within the Favourite Ex nomination.

NK/ Nastia Kamenskyh, a singer, won the nomination Flash- Like Success of the Year while enrapturing charts in both, Ukraine and Latin America.

“Thank you for the award. I am pleased to present our country on the global stage, to be a sort of groundbreaker. I am proud of my country and want the entire world to know that Ukrainians do have talents”,- said Nastia when accepting the award.

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Kamaliya, a singer raising two daughters named Arabella and Mirabella became Mother of the Year .

MONATIK became the achiever within the nomination Once a Stadium – Always a Stadium; while on a tour in America now he could not be present personally but recorded a special video greeting.

Nataliia Mohylevska won Challenge of the Year.

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Lyricist of the Yearthat’s the award given to Potap. A new album produced by him in 2019 showed the other side of him: dreamy, tender romantic and loving in stark contrast to his habitual image of outrageous, sharp- tongued person. But for his wife NK there could have been no album of the kind. That’s what Potap said from the stage: “This is Nastia’s award.  I am no lyricist without her. Just sort of a mime”.

Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbachova, a married couple became the winners within the  Strong Together  nomination . When it comes to Oleg Vinnyk he was awarded within the nomination No Life without You

Henndiy Viter, a producer, author and singer personally acquainted with show-biz celebrities won the Our Star nomination.

JERRY HEIL who rocked the charts with her hit Ahrana Atmena was named Debut of the Year.

“I often hear people calling me a new actress who carried the world before one which is not right at all. I am a girl with many years’ study behind me starting with music school and finishing with my indie pop album a few years ago. And it has been only half a year that I found out: being yourself that’s what actually matters. You have to allow to be the way you really are and it will work out”, - said the singer from the stage.  

“21.6 Of the Year” nomination became a pleasant surprise for Monroe. 2019 witnessed a new bright and controversial section Strike in the Face from Monroe, which became a runaway hit after each airing.

Olia Poliakova became the winner within the Queen of the Year Again nomination for selling out stadiums through this country.

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“I would like to express my gratitude to the Channel Ukraine for being the only one in this country to duly honour and respect our show biz. Because all of us, show biz people are not overfond of, over cared for. I want to  thank you for your skillfulness in handing out nominations and finding where exactly to kiss the performers”,- said Poliakova.

Time and Glass, a musical group became the winner within the nomination Party of the Year and Olga Sumska  won Sincerity of the Year.

It is no wonder that Alina Grosu who has made a winding wedding this year became the winner of the nomination Five Dresses and One Wedding .

Beloved Love of the Year went to Pavlo Zibrov who has repeated his wedding vows after 25years of marriage life with his wife Marina.

Cult figures of the Year – is the nomination won by ANTIBODIES. The group of musicians sold out Palace of Sports twice and made a successful tour of this country.

Morivator of the Year went to Nataliia Holodenko , a psychologist. Star with Pepper went to Slava Kaminska from No Angels for sincerity and self-irony.

Artem Pivovarov, JERRY HEIL, Pasvlo Zibrov and DJNana were entertaining the guests during the Night of Chimeras.


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