Live Studios of Ukraine 24 Go On Air

Published Mon, 16 December 2019, 7:59

On 16 December 2019 studios of the new national informational channel Ukraine 24 begin working. Borys Ivanov, Olena Tsyntyla, Oleksiy Burlakov, Mykyta Mikhalyov, Alla Scholycheva, Olena Chabak, Maria Skyba and Andriy Bulharov will work at the Ukraine 24 studio form the beginning.

There are three daytime talk studios scheduled for weekdays: Syogodni. Ranok: 10:40-12:30, Syogodni. Den: 14:30-16:30, Ukraina Syogondni: 19:30-21:30. On weekends, from 7:40 to 20:30, there will be an extended weekly version of Ukraina Syogondni.

Every hour, from 9:30 to 20:30, there will be a ten-minute newscast with one final, thirty-minute, cast at 21:30. Their presenters are Vira Sverdlyk, Kateryna Fedotenko, Anna Kundets, Viktoriya Madosvitna abd Serhiy Nikifiriv. To learn more about the Ukraine 24 team visit:


Yuriy Sugak, Head of Media Group Ukraine Information Broadcasting Directorate: “It is quite a rapid launch, so we cannot announce all premieres as for now, but I can assure you that in February our viewers will see great shows, guest stars on air and many unexpected formats. Most of our presenters, who – and it is smth to be proud – have established themselves as part of the Syogondi team, will go live from both our studio and various locations in Ukraine and worldwide.

Once Media Group Ukraine announced the launch of a new informational channel, we have received dozens of offers to cooperate and jointly produce programs. Journalists, presenters, businesspeople, politicians, social activists and many others have been suggesting ideas for video blogs and new formats for TV shows. As usual, we are open to new offers and original ideas. Ukraine 24 is a media of the new generation created and managed by the convergent editorial team who are ready to experiment.”

Evgeniy Bondarenko, Director of Media Group Ukraine: “Ukraine 24 is being launched as a multiplatform information resource. Apart from the TV channel itself, our team will communicate with the audience 24/7 on YouTube, Facebook and Telegram. The start of Ukraine 24 is the next logical step in developing the Media Group Ukraine business. We have a strong and creative team of journalists and editors who know how to work with information and, which is especially important today, create video content understanding the needs of their viewers and being ready to suggest and implement new projects. The viewers will definitely be thrilled. Stand by!”

Ukraine 24 is accessible from all over Ukraine through cable networks, on the satellite TV platform Xtra TV and the OTT platform OLL.TV, Ukraine 24 online:




Info: Ukraine 24 will be broadcast based on the national digital license owned by Media Group Ukraine since 2014.

TV channel Ukraine’s news Syogodni is the leader of the national news broadcasting (average share in 2019: 16,45%*).

* Data calculated for 18+ audience, sampling 50 000+. The data on TV audience analysis belong to TIC. Panel operator: Nielsen; monitoring: Komunikatsiynyi Alyans. The data provided by TV channel Ukraine.

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