Real Politics with Yevhen Kyselyov (authorial show) Launched on Ukraine 24

Published Sun, 29 December 2019, 9:00

Realna Poilitika ( Real Politics), a new authorial show, has been aired on Ukraine 24 , an information TV Channel since January 19, 2020 which means that at 9 P.M. on Sundays Yevhen Kyselyov appears on air of Ukraine 24 to present his analytical programme on current events in Ukraine and worldwide.

Євген Кисельов

Yevhen Kyselyov, author and host of Realna Poilitika with Yevhen Kyselyov:

“Cranky rumors concerning me allegedly quitting television for all have turned out to be a false dawn. In fact, I quit the TV Channel where I had felt out of place. I have all and any grounds to think that Ukraine 24 will be quite different and I am upbeat about the prospects from the very start. I am not much of a journalist, rather a political analyst appearing on TV. It is my bread and butter, my job, and I try hard to do it sine ira et studio (without anger or bias). I used to live and work by the principle: do what you must, come what may. This is how I am going to work at the new project, too. I hope to contribute to Ukraine 24 ranking as high as possible, and namely, #1 in its information channels niche, the way the TV Channel Ukraine has become the indisputable leader among the nationwide channels. The programme title Realna Poilitika with Yevhen Kyselyov speaks for itself whereas all of us need to grow up. Politics is quite a serious thing. And real politics differs greatly from rather childish ideas of some Ukrainians. Therefore my show would be aimed at educating people to a certain degree enabling them to resist temptations, become undeceived, keep an open mind on current developments and analyze what’s going on in Ukraine and worldwide. I will also try to show local events against the international background. It is just the format our viewers are lacking in”.

Реальна політика з Євгеном Кисельовим

Yuri Sugak, Director, Information Broadcasting Directorate, Media Group Ukraine:

“Ukraine 24 is gaining momentum now. Having launched the news broadcasts and our own studios we promised to impress our viewers with authorial programmes and talk shows and we are abiding by the promises. Yevhen Kyseliov is a vastly experienced journalist and political scientist with his own bright and unorthodox vision of the political process, ready to give accurate and even biting assessment of persons and events. We conceived Ukraine 24 as a platform for opinions expressed to be many and diverse so as to present our viewers with a wide range of thoughts and ideas enabling them to make their own conclusions. Follow our announcements while a number of projects would be launched on Ukraine 24 in January-February. So don’t surf other channels”.

The TV Channel Ukraine-24 is accessible throughout Ukraine via cable, on satellite platforms, such as Xtra TV and OLL.TV, OTT Platform:




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