Media Group Ukraine international channels launch in Israel

Published Fr, 3 January, 13:16

Media Group Ukraine has signed a distribution agreement with Terra TV, the founder of the Altru platform in Israel. Its international channels Ukraine 1/Ukraine 2 and NLO TV1/NLO TV2 are now available on Altru, which is operated by the Israeli telco provider Hot.

Altru was launched in 2019 and offers 65 broadcast channels, as well as a large VOD library.


Oleksandr Remezovsky, director of pay TV channel distribution of MGU, commented: “During the six months of the Ukrainian channels package in Israel, we have gained a convincing number of subscribers. This is our common achievement – the uniqueness of the platform and the breadth of our content – which is a combination of success for Ukrainian subscribers. And the division of languages, Ukrainian and Russian – 50/50, and the ability to choose a soundtrack – broadens our target audience”.
Yuri Goldstein, marketing director at Altru, said: “We are delighted to be working with MGU, which represents these channels in Israel. We hope that thousands of satisfied Altru customers will be able to add new ones that will find content on our platform that they will not be able to see anywhere else in Israel.”


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