TV Channel Ukraine ranks first for 2019

Published Mon, 6 January, 14:58

2019 became the third consecutive year with TV Channel Ukraine as the leader of the year. TV Channel Ukraine’ average share (shr%) reached 11% with rating (rat%) 1.37 – for 18-54 (50,000+)*; among the audience 18+ (50,000+)** its share reached 15.59% and rating- 2.56%; among the audience 4+( all Ukraine)*** the share reached 14.82%, rating –2.32%.

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“It is for the third year in succession that our TV Channel remains #1 in Ukraine’s TV environment, which to my mind is no easy task under the competitive battle that came unfolded in Ukraine in 2019. However, we tried hard sparing no effort by our great team. Moreover, we coped with the task. Last year we managed to promptly meet the audience request for information and in particular by way of airing “Main Theme. Choice” prior to presidential and parliamentary elections; launching “Freedom of Speech” by Savik Shuster in autumn. On the other hand, we never feared to experiment with entertainment formats while surprising our viewers with high profile concerts, adding dramatic touch to our series, crossing the line, so to say, of full-fledged international cooperation (“Markuss” became the first ever Ukraine-Latvia TV coproduction); by broadcasting nearly hundred premiere series. We are intent to proceed with our most successful projects in 2020 by way of preparing a number of premieres. And there is no need to say that the TV Channel Ukraine would show all football matches played by our National Team and the most the spectacular matches during EURO 2020”, -said Viktoriia Korogod, Head , TV Channel Ukraine.

Projects produced by TV Channel Ukriane – morning, daytime or primetime, music shows and concerts, day off movie shows, series premieres, exclusive football matches, information and analytical projects, TV programmes that tackled acute social issues, managed to keep its leadership .

Just a few examples to illustrate the statement and in particular: “Segodnia” broadcasts - primetime, daytime and night (*/**/***); projects, such as “Star Trek” (*/**/***), “Real Mysticism” (*/**/***) “Agents of Justice “(*/**/***) “A Crime Story” (*/**/***), “Mission: Beauty “(*/**/***) second season of makeover show; “Rivals-in-Law“ (*/**/***) in its third season; “Main Theme” (/**/***); “Siogodni. Results with Oleg Panyuta” (/**/***); “Morning with Ukraine” (**) “Controller “(***),”High-Profile Case” (/**/***); “Here’s Ukraine” (/**/***).

The year of 2019 witnessed presidential and parliamentary elections in this country, so the TV Channel won our audience’s hearts with a number of special projects on the burning issues.

“Segodni”, a news programme, unfolded exterior studios in foreign countries populated by a great number of ethnic Ukrainians, such as Australia and Canada; acting in cooperation with Edison Research they implemented a unique research project named  “Public Sentiment of Ukrainians Before Second Round of Voting of 2019” showing Ukrainians’ voting moods day in, day out. “Main Theme. Choice“ with Yelena Kot was launched on the very eve of the presidential elections to proceed for the entire campaigns, both, presidential and parliamentary. A number of hot discussions were shown live with nominees, their representatives, noted politicians clashing their views and opinions .The project became a nationwide leader (**/***) viewed by nearly 17.5 mln. Ukrainians.

“Segodnia” was an undisputed leader in information broadcasting over the year for wider public (**/***). The Segodnia prime time audience for 18+ (50.000 +) reached 15.99% in share and 5.1% in rating; as to 4+ ( all Ukraine) reached 15.43% and 4.68% in share and rating, respectively; the 2019 year audience totaled 27.8 mln***.

Information and analytical weekly “Siogodni with Oleg Panyuta” was the leader in its slot and among other information analytical programs on TV channels reached share - 17.77%  and rating - 6.46% for the audience 18+(50,000+) and 17.6% in share and 5.91% in rating for the 4+ ( All Ukraine); its audience for the entire year amounts to 23.2 mln. The total audience of “Segodnia” over the year reached 30.2 mln. persons.

2019 witnessed a new project launched by the TV Channel Ukraine named Amazing Persons based on The Brain (format by Endemol Shine Germany), where people with outstanding mental abilities were contesting the victory. The project audience totaled 16.3 mln persons.

On 24th August, Independence Day, TV Channel Ukraine ranked first with a free gala concert “Happy Birthday, Ukraine” organized for the second year. 30,000 guests attended Dnipro hills, serving as the venue for the event, more than 6 mln. Viewers watched the TV version. A few highly popular pop music concerts were aired over the year and in particular: “Roksolana” by Oleg Vynnnyk (7.2mln. viewers)***, “Hi, the 20s”, a New Year Eve show (9.8 mln Ukrainians )***, “Musical Platform. Song of the Year” (8.7mln persons TV audience)*** and others.

“Secret Love” (produced by Star Media), a 16 episode melodrama, based on the Korean format by KBS, appeared to be the best primetime series. It became the leader of the year on Ukraine’s television for the audience 18+ ( 50,000+); Ukrainian TV series most frequently requested in Google over 2019; the audience 18-54 (50,000+) reached 20.01% share and 5.92% rating; as to 18+(50,000+) it reached27.67% share and 10.33% rating with the entire audience totaling 15.1 mln***.

Speaking of the TV Channel Ukraine top-5 premiere series it is worth to mention about “The Best Husband Ever”, an 8 episode tightly plotted melodrama produced by Ivory Films with performance rates as follow: share - 14.87% and rating - 4.18% for the audience 18-54 ( 50,000+); 23% and  8.42% in share and rating, respectively; for 18+ (50,000+), the audience totaling 10,9 mln.***

“Mother’s Heart”, a 24 episode drama produced by Star Media reached share - 12.96% and rating - 3,71% for the audience 18-54 ( 50,000+); for 18+( 50,000+) - share 21,56% and rating 7,88%, totaling 14.7 viewers.

* The data calculated for the 18-54 audience age, sampling for «50,000+»

** The data calculated for the 18+ audience age, sampling for «50,000+»

*** The data calculated for the 4+ audience age, sampling for «All Ukraine»

The audience research data belong to the TV Industrial Committee (ITC) with Nielsen as panel operator and monitoring performed by Communications Alliance; provided by the TV Channel Ukraine.


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