TV Channel “Ukraine 24” Going into Partnership with Yanina Sokolova’s Project. To be Premiered - January 16

Published Mon, 13 January, 13:53

“Vechir with Yanina Sokolova” (Late Evening with Yanina Sokolova), popular on YouTube since 2018 – 2 silver buttons for the number of subscribers - will be first aired on January 22 by the “Ukraine 24” information TV Channel. Starting this date it would be aired by “Ukraine 24” at 10.30 P.M. on Thursdays. Thus the “Ukraine 24” viewers would be able to watch the project authored by the well- known journalist who ranks first among Top-1oo Ukrainian bloggers.


“Our team’s concerted effort is aimed at creating the Internet based major anti-propaganda project. And we are pleased and happy to have a TV partner. We have been approached by the “Ukraine 24” management proposing to place Vechir on the air of a new info TV Channel. I am of the opinion that both of us would only gain by it. Moreover, I do think that our viewers would stand to gain from the partnership which is most important”.

Yuri Sugak, Director, Information Broadcasting Directorate, MGU:

“Yanina’s is a trendy edgy programme which would sure leave no viewer indifferent. The programme’s first shows would scale up its audience. The TV Channel “Ukraine 24” is conceived as an information platform covering a broad range of subjects and opinions on what is going on in this country. And we are staunch proponents of the line. Besides, you are in for a number of captivating announcements from “Ukraine 24””.

Ukraine 24 is accessible from all over Ukraine through cable networks, on the satellite TV platform Xtra TV and the OTT platform OLL.TV, Ukraine 24 online:




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