TV Channel Ukraine preps New TV series - Three Sisters

Published Tue, 14 January 2020, 14:55

TV Channel Ukraine and Ukrainian Production Studio are shooting a new 8-episode melodrama Three Sisters. The plot is focused on a woman who is in search of those guilty of her son’s allegedly incidental death.  

Три сестри 1

A wonderful party at the Kravchenkos’ elegant villa runs into tragedy: a fire breaks out and a child dies. Official investigation puts forward the accident version. It suits all Maria’s folks but she can’t believe it. She is sure that was an arson attack by a certain plotter who used to threaten their family and did it on purpose on her son’s birthday. Maria was the party’s initiator and it was she who wanted all their kin to get together under the same roof. The more she delves into the investigation, the more she feels that not only her enemies but her relatives, too, might have an interest in the fire. Maria would have to rub through disloyalties cheating, nasty things from the past, denial, contrition for her own sins, before she gets to the truth and finds her true identity as  a bold woman taking no account of somebody else’s opinions or judgments.

Yekaterina Astakhova, a well-known actress cast as Maria recognizes her liking for the story after she first read the script. It made her get to thinking of important things and come to grips with her character and her intricacies.

Три сестри 2

“Maria is one of the three sisters and all events in the series are taking place in the family circle, in the very extended family circle. The events are captivating and sometimes fearful, relationships are rather warm hearted in fact but the secrets and tragedies unveil the nature of the characters and their human qualities. Watching the way they change and develop is what makes it interesting”.

The cast also includes well-known actors and actresses, such as Nataliya Starynkevich, Irina Novak, Igor Rubashkin, Artem Grigoriyev, Borislav Borisenko, Vitaliy Kudriavtsev, Yuri Grebelnik, Yelena Stefanskaya, Alla Maslennikova and others.

The series is directed by Roman Barabash, Director of Photography - Maksim Gutzu. Producers are Viktoriia Korogod, Nataliia Stribuk, Irina Zaria and Irina Chemeris. The series is produced by Ukrainian Production Studio as ordered by the TV Channel Ukraine. Kiev and Kiev area are chosen as locations for the filming.

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