Tygran Martyrosyan to Join Media Group Ukraine

Published Wed, 15 January, 12:42

Tygran Martyrosyan, a well known journalist and host, will appear on air of the Ukraine and Ukraine 24 TV Channels starting January 17, 2020.

Тигран Мартиросян

The Friday prime time 7 P.M. Siogodni newscast on Ukraine, one of this country’s nationwide TV Channels, would be crowned with a spotlight interview obtained by Tygran Martyrosyan to be further aired by Ukraine 24, a new information TV Channel. The first interview will be conducted with Dmytro Razumkov, Head of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada.

Tygran Martyrosyan, journalist and host:

“I am struck with the drive shown by the Ukraine 24 team and management in launching a new information channel. I am interested to make a start in MGU with an experiment. This gives me confidence that we will be able to strike out a new idea of this country’s information broadcasting”.

Yuri Sugak, Director, Information Broadcast Directorate, Media Group Ukraine:

“Ukraine 24 does not just simply build a star team; moreover, we are creating an information platform which will make our viewers aware of significant events in Ukraine and worldwide and enable them to get answers to their questions from people who actually shape the  agenda in public policy”.

TV Channel Ukraine 24 is accessible throughout this country in cable networks, on the XtraTV satellite platform, on OLL.TV, an OTT platform:

YouTube http://bit.ly/Ukraine24TV

Facebook http://bit.ly/Ukraine24FB

Telegram https://t.me/ukraina24tv

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