Results 2019: Media Group Ukraine - The Fight Against Piracy

Published Fr, 31 January, 14:34

Anti-piracy is one of the priorities in the business strategy of Media Group Ukraine. Protection of television content and copyright plays a very important role in the development of the national market and constitutes an indicator for the international community. The company thoroughly considers and takes a decision on each piracy case.

Thus, in 2019, Media Group detected more than 150 facts of illegal retransmission of the TV channels Football 1/Football 2, Football 1HD, Football 2HD, Ukraine, NLO TV, Indigo TV in the cable or IPTV provider networks.

 First, negotiations are conducted with the offender: it is a fast and efficient way to understand the provider’s attitude to the offence as well as its readiness to take measures in order to terminate and prevent piracy in the future. As a rule, up to 80 % of the negotiations end in a cooperation agreement.

In case the provider has violated the rights and ceased the piracy after the notification and negotiations, but has refused to enter into an agreement, it pays compensation through the pre-trial process. Subsequent piracy by such providers is a reason for the company to file a statement to the law enforcement authorities.

In 2019, Media Group Ukraine acting jointly with the Cyberpolice Department of the National Police instituted 18 criminal proceedings in connection with the illegal retransmission of the TV channels by the cable and IPTV providers as well as 19 criminal proceedings in connection with the illegal retransmission of Media Group’s TV channels by the OTT services or online. As of today, there are 18 criminal proceedings related to the operations of the card sharing services and two criminal cases based on the illegal distribution of the audio visual content (VOD). The law enforcement authorities of Kyiv and Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi, Sumy, Lviv and Zakarpattia Regions were especially efficient in investigating piracy in 2019.

Illegal retransmission of football matches, copies of records thereof, including key sports events, film and series content, distribution of the international TV channels by Media Group Ukraine Ukraine 1/Ukraine 2, NLO TV 1/NLO TV 2 in the international OTT service networks, and use of the TV channel signals in cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels are monitored and blocked continuously. It must be noted that around 250 thousand copies of pirate records of football matches as well as more than 560 thousand links to the pirate VOD websites with the film and series content of Media Group were collected and deleted in 2019 only.

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