TV Channel Ukraine – Viewers’ Sweetheart in January

Published Tue, 4 February, 17:27

As of the end of January 2020 the TV Channel Ukraine firmly and resolutely maintained leadership within this country’s TV environment on both, weekends and weekdays. The TV Channel headed the list for main audiences, such as 18+, 4+ for cities 50,000+ and throughout Ukraine.


TV Channel Ukraine at the top of the favourites with the public (as of January)

The Channel’s performance rates were as follows: 15.56% in share (shr%) and 2.93% in rating ( rat%) for 18+ and 15.84% and 2.97% in share and rating, respectively for 4+ (All Ukraine)

January witnessed new episodes of well-known shows and series.

Realna Mistyka (Real Mysticism), a scripted reality running for the tenth year in succession could boast of new episodes where its characters were trying hard to find explanations for enigma and puzzles. The season’s first show accounted for 14.98% in share and 2.12 % in rating for 18+ (50,000+) and 12.10% in share and 1.26% in rating for 18-54 (50,000+) with the entire audience totaling 4.34 mln. persons. Zirkovy Shliakh (Star Trek) cheered the hearts of those keen on celebrities, their love stories and lifestyles. The viewers were in for new revelations and confessions of their favourites and upheavals in their lives. Old timers, such as Alena Vinnytska and Timur Miroshnychenko were first assisted by Monro, a travesty and popular blogger. 5.53 mln viewers watched the show in its new season.

It has become a tradition to air new captivating series in January. The 2020 January was no exception with new episodes of Zhinochyi Likar (Doctor for Women) produced by FILM.UA Group that received a wide viewership of 14.8 mln persons.

Ranok z Ukrayinoyu (Morning with Ukraine), an infotainment show kept its leading position among morning shows on Ukraine’s TV in general waking up 87.1 mln Ukrainians daily.

Segodnia (Today) was an undisputed leader in information broadcasting over January to become the best programme of the day on January 7 (7 p.m. newscast). When it came to the 3P.M. and 7 P.M. news they won the audiences totaling 13.85 and 19.43 mln, respectively. Information and analytical weekly Siogodni with Oleg Panyuta was the leader for wider public in its slot to aggregate the audience of 9.3 mln persons.

It is due to the in-house projects whether morning daytime or primetime, that the TV Channel Ukraine managed to keep it its leadership in January. These are the examples to illustrate the statement: Main Theme with Yelena Kot, High Profile Case, Here’s Ukraine, A Crime Story, Controller which became leaders in their respective slots as of the end of January.

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