Media Group Ukraine Merges Its Information Assets

Published Mon, 16 March, 12:31

Media Group Ukraine considers the development of information assets to be one of its priority areas of activity. For the synergy of all assets and effective satisfaction of the needs and demands of the audience, the News Group Ukraine is created, which will include: nationwide news channel Ukraine 24, news production for TV channels Ukraine, Segodnya, and website.Дмитро Белянський

Dmytro Belianskyi will be the manager of the new structure. Dmytro Belianskyi has been a member of the Media Group Ukraine’s Supervisory Board since 2016. Before that, he managed the MGU’s media projects and served as a Director of the Information Broadcasting Department at Ukraine TV channel. He started his professional career in the company’s assets in 2011 as the Director of Multimedia Development at Segodnya Multimedia Publishing Holding. Dmytro has been working in Ukrainian media for over twenty years.

Dmytro Belianskyi: “While Segodnya news brand has already won the championship of confidence in a nationwide audience, the success of the Ukraine 24 national news channel is our new ambitious goal. We are counting on leadership. This year, we expect to achieve the first place among the competing news channels, as well as become the unconditional leader in any sphere of information content delivery. Wherever Ukrainians get their news from, the Ukraine 24 brand will mean a new quality of information delivery for them. We do not hide the formula we are going to use to achieve success: the best professionals on the TV market are involved in the teamwork, they are united by the channel’s main value — a diversity of thoughts, i. e. only here they will be guaranteed true freedom of speech. We guarantee the society a quality discussion, which will represent all points of view, as well as the best quality of journalist work 24/7 for those who need information for decision-making”.

Yevhenii Bondarenko: “Combining information assets of Media Group Ukraine and creation of News Group Ukraine is a logical step in the development of our business. Dmytro Belianskyi has a wealth of experience in the media market and knows our assets from within. Under Dmytro’s leadership, our creative team will be able to achieve the most ambitious goals steadily”.

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