Current affairs and political show Ukraine with Tyhran Martyrosian Launched on Ukraine 24 TV Channel

Published Mon, 13 April, 17:15

On April 14, 24 Ukraine TV Channel is introducing current affairs and political show Ukraine with Tyhran Martyrosian. At 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, the host present the news of the day and provide various opinions about what is happening in the country and all over the world. Don’t miss it – up with the current affairs!


“Together with Ukraine 24 Information Channel, we are launching the project Ukraine with Tyhran Martyrosian. Every day, Monday to Friday, I will analyse the current discourse, discuss facts and sort out hypotheses live. No drama, theatrics or idle talk. I promise that it will be authoritative, competent and topical,” says Tyhran Martyrosian.

Ukraine with Tyhran Martyrosian is an evening daily show providing the viewer with reliable information and various opinions about the current affairs in Ukraine and around the globe.

Tyhran Martyrosian’s evening show will be broadcast from the TV Channel’s new studio in Leonardo Business Centre.

“Together with Tyhran Martyrosian, we are changing the approach to creating news prime time. The heart of the new Ukraine 24 TV Channel studio is a round table. And what is a round table? It’s a symbol of an honest discussion, equal importance of the expressed thoughts and a possibility to make a comprehensive and concise overview of the most important events of the day. Every day within two hours of the prime time, the audience will learn all existing opinions on what is happening at the moment. Therefore, the audience will have everything to arrive to their own conclusions: reliable information and all opinions possible. However, I must note that Tyhran’s expertise and trust he enjoys both among viewers and his guests from all sides of the political spectrum and social groups allow him to be a moderator as well as a referee,” said Dmytro Belianskyi, Head of the News Group Ukraine.

Watch the evening show Ukraine with Tyhran Martyrosian from Monday to Friday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., on Ukraine 24 TV Channel.

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