Media Group Ukraine Series Have Been Sold to Georgia

Published Thu, 16 April, 12:48

The content distribution team of Media Group Ukraine has signed an agreement with the Georgian TV channel Mtavari to sell two top-rated series: Ruby Ring and Paradise Place.

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Ruby Ring melodrama (95X45), based on the KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) format, tells the story of two sisters, Ania and Yana, whose lives change dramatically after the accident that made it impossible for others to tell the difference between them. Watch the trailer –

Paradise Place series (100X45) is a story about the fate of an 18-year-old orphan girl whose name is Nina. Nina Kostiuk, a student at the Uzhhorod Vocational School with a refined taste and ability to design, comes to work at a luxurious hotel complex called Paradise Place. Working as a maid at the hotel, Nina gets involved in the romance and makes dangerous enemies. The story showing a person growing up and going through the ups and downs of life holds the viewer's attention up to all 100 episodes of the TV series. Watch the trailer –

Iryna Cherniak, Director of TV Content Sales Department at Media Group Ukraine, Head of Programming Product Acquisition of TV Channel “Ukraine”: “Both series tell about the difficult fates and the struggle of different people for their happiness. Such sincere, true stories are always interesting to TV viewers, and I am sure they will not leave the Georgian viewers indifferent either. We already have some positive experience of cooperation with Georgia, and we continue to develop it with great enthusiasm with Mtavari TV channel.

Giorgi Lominadze, Head of Programming at Mtavari TV Channel: It is a great honour for our channel to cooperate with your world-famous company. Especially at the time when our friendly countries are struggling for the most important value – Freedom.


Mtavari channel was launched in August 2019. It is the most clear-eyed, independent and popular broadcasting company in Georgia. Mtavari is a universal TV channel the target audience of which is not limited to a specific group of people. It rather seeks to offer a “full-format programming”, a wide range of programs and genres to the general public. The main functions of the channel are: independent observations, journalistic investigations, analytics, expert opinions. Mtavari's policy is to develop and promote its business by offering Georgian TV viewers innovative media projects and world media market news.

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