TV channel “Ukraine” and Siohodni News Have Launched VyshyvankaDAY Art Project with Ukrainian and World Celebrities

Published Wed, 13 May, 16:55

For the World Embroidery Day that we celebrate this year on May 21, TV channel “Ukraine” and Siohodni news together with famous national designers are launching the VyshyvankaDAY art project involving world and Ukrainian celebrities, artists and popular TV presenters.

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The embroidered shirt, vyshyvanka, has a thousand-year history and remains not only a national identity symbol, but also a source of inspiration for contemporaries. This year, due to the enforced quarantine, the VyshyvankaDAY will be held on the digital platforms of TV channel “Ukraine” and Siohodni news as an art project. Dariia Koval, a collage artist, is skilfully integrating original embroidery ornaments into the outfits worn by the stars participating in the project that have been created by famous national designers: Oksana Karavanska, Yuliia Mahdych, Oksana Polonets, Roksolana Bohutska and the ETNODIM brand.

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The heroes of the collages created for the Embroidery Day were Meghan Markle, Oleh Paniuta, Maryna Kukhar, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Liliia Rebryk, Oleksii Sukhanov, Iryna Bilyk, Anatolii Anatolich, Olena Kot, Savik Shuster, Billie Eilish, Olha Hrytsyk, Hryhorii Herman, Alona Vinnytska, Zlata Ohnevich, Timur Miroshnychenko, Anna Panova, Ihor Pupkov, Maksym Sikora, Yaroslav Kuts, Olha Tsybulska, Daria Petrozhytska, Nataliia Denysenko, Andrii Fedinchyk and other stars.


The dress worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, was decorated with the authentic Hutsul patterns created by Oksana Karavanska. For the laconic dress that Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, was wearing, the collage artist chose a geometric ornament and ETNODIM brand tassel earrings. Splendid flowers embroidered with Borshchiv technique from Ternopil Region by Roksolana Bohutska made Maryna Kukhar's look unique.


A stylish mix of modern and ancient embroidery, ornaments from different regions of Ukraine and different techniques by Oksana Karavanska gave unexpected accents to the outfits worn by Jennifer Lopez and Billie Eilish. A unique pattern that the famous designer's grandmother made for her own embroidered shirt added an ethnic look to Olena Kot's dress.

Volyn geometric patterns created by Oksana Polonets made Anatolii Anatolich's white shirt more impressive. The graceful golden embroidery by Yuliia Mahdych decorated an elegant dress worn by Alona Vinnytska, and the Ukrainian prima donna, Iryna Bilyk, was wearing a dress and a hat with the designer's fabulous “blossomed” poppies.


Some of the VyshyvankaDAY collages have already been created, some of them are being worked over. You can view the art project on the website of TV channel “Ukraine” by clicking on the following link:

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