TV Channel “Ukraine” is the April Leader among TV Viewers

Published Tue, 5 May, 11:08

According to the results of April 2020, TV Channel Ukraine is a confident leader among the TOP-6 national channels watched by all primary audiences.


Thus, among commercial audience aged 18-54 (50 thousand +), the share (shr, %) of TV Channel “Ukraine” in April was 10.29 %*, with the rating (rat, %) 1.53 %*, and among the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +), its share was 15.11 %**, with the rating 2.88 %**. And among the audience aged 4+ (all Ukraine), its share was 12.75 %***, with the rating 2.17 %***.

In April, the project Ukraine Speaks (Hovoryt Ukraina) hosted by Oleksii Sukhanov celebrated 8 years of successful work on TV Channel “Ukraine”. During this period, over 1,700 shows were aired, and 15,000 characters who touched the viewers' hearts were guests of the project. During the month, the project was the slot leader among the mainstream audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +), and its viewing share was 16.80 %. In April alone, Ukraine Speaks show was watched by 11.46 million viewers***.

The premieres of the series aired in April were also part of success of TV Channel “Ukraine”. At prime time, the viewers watched The Consultant detective melodrama (produced by Star Media), which has got an audience share of 10.82 % among the audience aged 18-54 (50 thousand +) and 18.56 % among the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +). In total, the series was watched by 10.54 million viewers***. A detective drama called The Brave (produced by FILM.UA Group) also started with success. Since its release, the series has got a share of 10.60 % among the audience aged 18-54 (50 thousand +) and 15.51 % among the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +), and succeeded to become popular with 8.86 million Ukrainians watching TV at home***.

The weekend mini-series have also kindled great interest among TV viewers. Thus, the melodrama Sasha's Case (produced by Studio Pilot) was watched by 6.04 million viewers***, and the movies Never Give Up (produced by Ukrainian Production Studio) and The Daughters (produced by IVORY films) were watched by 5.89 and 5.70 million Ukrainians, respectively***.

Siohodni (Today) news is still the number one programme in information broadcasting among the mainstream audience. During the month, Siohodni news has been actively discussing the coronavirus pandemic. In April, the daytime, prime time and evening news programmes broadcast by Siohodni were watched by 9.75 million, 12.65 million, 8.52 million viewers***, and all of them were the leaders of their slots among the primary audiences. The share of prime time newscasts aired at 7.00 p.m. among the audience aged 18+ (50 thousand +) was 16.86 %.

The best morning TV show on Ukrainian television was Morning with Ukraine (Ranok z Ukrainoiu). In April, 7.03 million Ukrainians*** started their day with watching an information and entertainment project.

Other own-produced morning, daytime and prime time projects (Key Issue (Holovna Tema) (**/***), Controller (**/***), Ukraine Speaks (**/***), Loud Case (Huchna Sprava) (**/***), Today. Conclusions with Oleh Paniuta (Siohodni. Pidsumky z Olehom Paniutoiu) (**/***), The Justice Agents (Ahenty Spravedlyvosti) (*/**/***), The Story of One Crime (Istoriia Odnoho Zlochynu) (*/**/***), Star Way (Zirkovyi Shliah) (**/***), Beauty Mission (Missiia Krasa) (*/**/***), Real Mystery (Realna Mistyka) (*/**/***), which were the leaders in their slots during the month, have also propelled TV Channel “Ukraine” to the top.


* Data is calculated for audiences aged 18-54 with a sample of “50,000 +”.

** Data is calculated for audiences over 18 with a sample of “50,000 +”. 

*** Data is calculated for audiences over 4 with a sample of “All Ukraine”

TV audience research data is owned by Television Industry Committee. The panel operator - Nielsen; monitoring - Communication Alliance. Data is provided by TV Channel “Ukraine”​. Data for May 4​, 2020 is preliminary and calculated according to indicators of rat%, shr% and cov#. For more information about indicators and definitions of target audiences, please see the TIC Glossary.


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