VyshyvankaDAY: Ukraine 24 TV Channel and Siohodni News Invite Ukrainians to Join the Cultural Holiday

Published Wed, 20 May, 15:19

On May 21, information channel Ukraine 24 and Siohodni news will hold a big celebration – the VyshyvankaDAY. It is a large-scale patriotic event founded by Media Group Ukraine. This year, the famous Ukrainian showbiz stars, athletes and authoritative politicians will join the celebration. Every Ukrainian will be a part of this unique project, because we are unified by common culture!


Since ancient times, the embroidered shirt has been the main talisman of Ukraine. These days, the embroidered shirt is the DNA of our nation that unites all Ukrainians no matter what part of the world they are in. On May 21, Ukraine 24 TV channel and Siohodni news will air the big VyshyvankaDAY celebration on TV and online. 

On Ukraine 24 TV channel, the viewers will learn the secrets of making embroidered clothes, hear greetings from famous showbiz and sports stars and even hear congratulations from the top public officials. The VyshyvankaDAY participants will be wearing national clothes made by the famous designer Yuliia Mahdych, as well as their own embroidered shirts. 

“Vyshyvanka is not just national clothes, it is an ancient talisman that has become a symbol of Ukrainians. For the second year in a row, Siohodni news carries on a tradition of celebrating the VyshyvankaDAY large-scale project. This year, the information channel Ukraine 24 joined the celebration. This celebration is a kind of homage to Ukrainian traditions and our rich cultural heritage. Yes, this year the life of the whole world and Ukraine depends on the enforced quarantine, but self-isolation does not scare us! We will hold the VyshyvankaDAY project to the fullest, without jeopardizing the life of a single citizen of our country. Everyone who wants to celebrate this holiday with us will be able to participate in our social networks, take part in the celebration broadcast on our channel, win a designer embroidered shirt and share their patriotism with us. No matter where you are – in Kyiv, London or Tel Aviv – Ukraine 24 invites everyone to unite on such a wonderful day! There are no borders for us, because Ukrainians are always together!”, - said Yurii Suhak, Editor-in-Chief of the News Group Ukraine.

Yuliia Mahdych, a talented designer, will present a unique gift, an original embroidered shirt, in the marathon “We Are Unified by Culture”. Every Ukrainian will get a chance to have embroidered clothes made by the Ukrainian designer.

Till May 21, Ukraine 24 TV channel will run a contest on its official Facebook page requiring you to publish a photo of yours wearing an embroidered shirt on your page and write a few sentences about its importance in your life. Do not forget to mention the page of Ukraine 24 and use the hashtag #UkrainiansTogether (#УкраїнціРазом). The winner will be randomly selected on May 21 with the help of a special program.

Yuliia Mahdych is a Ukrainian designer and the VyshyvankaDAY co-author. Popular celebrities, athletes and other public figures choose her clothes. By decorating her beautiful embroidered shirts with ancient ornaments, Yuliia adds a powerful sacred meaning to each of her works. 

“There are no more beautiful clothes in the world than the national clothes, and especially the clothes of Ukrainians. The embroidered shirt, as a unifying element of Ukrainians, fills each of us with unquenchable energy, making us a strong and invincible nation. Wearing an embroidered shirt is a great honour. And creating such clothes is an incredible responsibility. That's why I treat each of my works with great enthusiasm, putting all my heart and boundless love into it”, - the designer said. 

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