TV channel “Ukraine 24” will broadcast the première of the morning show Today. Morning. Weekend (Siohodni. Ranok. Vykhidnyi)

Published Fr, 29 May, 18:22

Already on 30 May, the morning show Today. Morning. Weekend will premiere on the main news channel “Ukraine 24”. The program will be hosted by a well-known presenter Yuliia Halushka, who has been working hard to prepare for the whole country to wake up with her. The program will be aired on weekends from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.


“We had a very important goal, to create a unique morning show that will informative as well as entertaining. News channels rarely work with such products, but we want to be closer to the daily needs of the viewers, and we are ready to experiment. A team of professionals working on the format has managed to create content with an emphasis on usefulness for every Ukrainian,” says Yurii Suhak, Editor-in-Chief of the News Group Ukraine.

The new morning show is hosted by Yuliia Halushka. Yuliia has extensive media experience as a professional journalist. First and foremost, a presenter must be well-versed in everything that needs to be shared with the viewer from the screen. From now on, the audience will start their weekend easily and productively together with Yuliia.

Today. Morning. Weekend is a morning information and entertainment show of the channel “Ukraine 24”, which will have several special sections: health, cooking, relationships, sports and technology. The main focus of each section will be the usefulness and effectiveness of the advice. 

“Above all, Today. Morning. Weekend is about positivity and helpfulness. Our task is to inspire and encourage people at this difficult time. We will fill Saturdays and Sundays with important and educational information, add life hacks and expert advice on the best ways to spend this weekend in different parts of Ukraine and to have fun as well as what to pay attention to. Weekend morning shows are rarity in Ukraine. The project Today. Morning. Weekend on the channel “Ukraine 24” will fill this information and entertainment niche. You will never sleep the weekend away with us,” says Yuliia Halushka, presenter. 

Wake up with Today. Morning. Weekend since 30 May on “Ukraine 24”, main news channel of the country!

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