TV channel “Ukraine” is the viewers’ favourite in May

Published Wed, 3 June, 10:56

At the end of May 2020, the TV channel “Ukraine” stays confidently in the lead on the country’s TV screens both on weekdays and on weekends. The channel was in the lead by main audiences: 18+ and 4+, both in the cities with population of more than 50,000 and throughout Ukraine.


Among the audience aged 18+ (50,000+)**, the viewing share (shr,%) was 15.10%, and the rating (rat,%) was 2.65%. Among the audience aged 4+ (all Ukraine)***, the viewing share was 12.93%, and the rating was 2.04%.

In May, the TV channel “Ukraine” became the viewers’ favourite thanks to the morning, daytime and prime-time projects of its own production (Today (Siohodni) 3:00 p.m.*/**/***, Today 7:00 p.m.**/***, Today 11:00 p.m.*/**/***, Star Way (Zirkovyi Shliakh) **, Real Mysticism (Realna Mistyka) */**/***, Mission: Beauty (Missiia: Krasa) */**/***, Controller*/**/***, History of One Crime (Istoria Odnoho Zlochynu) */**/***, Sensational Case (Huchna Sprava) **/***, Ukraine Calling (Hovoryt Ukraina) with Oleksii Sukhanov**/***, Main Topic (Holovna Tema) with Olena Kot**/***, Today. Recap (Siohodni. Pidsumky) with Oleh Paniuta**/***), which were the leaders in their slots, as well as prime-time series and weekend mini-series.

The première of the procedural The Eagle Owl (Filin) (produced by the production company TelePro) about the investigation of mysterious crimes by the police with the help of an innovative computer software, was very popular among the series of the TV channel “Ukraine”. For the audience aged 18-54 (50,000 +), the series’ viewing share was 11.51% and the rating was 1.39%, and for the audience aged 18+ (50,000 +), its viewing share was 16.61% and the rating was 2.77%. In total, the series was watched by 6.22 million viewers***. The première of the drama Women’s Secrets (Zhinochi Sekrety) (produced by secured the viewing share of 11.79% and the rating of 3.43% for the audience aged 18-54 (50,000 +), as well as the share of 23.28% and the rating of 8.51% for the audience aged 18+ (50,000 +). The première of the film attracted 9.40 million Ukrainians***.

The premières of the weekend mini-series also won the audience’s favour. The drama Somebody Else’s Children (Chuzhi Dity) (produced by Kyivtelefilm), the film Time to Go, Time to Return (Chas Ity, Chas Povertatys) (produced by Art Territory), the military drama Last Day of War (Ostanniy Den Viyny) (produced by PRO TV studio) were watched by more than 5 million viewers each***.

In May, Today news traditionally held the top spot among news broadcasts in the Ukrainian TV channels. From 25 April, the prime time news Today at 7.00 p.m. began to be hosted in pairs. Until the end of the summer, the broadcasts in the studio will be hosted by two newscasters to keep the news engaging and dynamic for viewers. Also in May, Today in cooperation with the TV channel “Ukraine” prepared a large-scale VyshivankaDay digital project hosted by its presenters, Ukrainian and world celebrities. At month-end, the daytime, prime-time and evening broadcasts of Today had the audience of 9.77 million, 12.50 million, 8.19 million Ukrainians, respectively***. The current affairs and analytical weekly news show Today. Recap with Oleh Paniuta gained high viewership. The viewing share of the project by the audience aged 18+ (50,000 +) was 15.49%. In total, the broadcasts were watched by 9.75 million Ukrainians***.

The favourite morning show among the viewers was Morning with Ukraine (Ranok z Ukrainoiu). In May, its viewing share among the audience aged 18+ (50,000 +) was 12.14%. In total, 6.27 million Ukrainians started their day with this information and entertainment show***.


* Data is calculated for audiences aged 18-54 with a sample of “50,000 +”.

** Data is calculated for audiences over 18 with a sample of “50,000 +”. 

*** Data is calculated for audiences over 4 with a sample of “All Ukraine”

TV audience research data is owned by Television Industry Committee. The panel operator - Nielsen; monitoring - Communication Alliance. Data is provided by TV Channel “Ukraine”​. Data for May 30-31, 2020 is preliminary and calculated according to indicators of rat%, shr% and cov#. For more information about indicators and definitions of target audiences, please see the TIC Glossary.

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