Ukraine Tomorrow (Ukraina Zavtra) is a new socio-political talk show of the TV channel “Ukraine 24”

Published Fr, 5 June, 12:34

On 5 June “Ukraine 24” presents an ambitious socio-political talk show Ukraine Tomorrow, in which the channel’s hosts review current events of the week and delve deep into the discussions of the news that will affect Ukrainians tomorrow. Indeed, “Ukraine 24” is always where the most important things happen. The show will be aired every Friday at 9 p.m.


Every day there are events all around the world that radically change the conditions of our lives. In order to understand today’s difficult situation and be able to distinguish real news from misinformation, “Ukraine 24” launches a hot-button talk show, Ukraine Tomorrow. The hosts of the channel will analyse what is really happening in Ukraine in detail, and will reflect on how the specific situation will affect each of us in the future. In addition to being a professional overview of events, this is also a forecast for the country,” says Yurii Suhak, Editor-in-Chief of the News Group Ukraine. 

Ukraine Tomorrow is a socio-political talk show in which the channel “Ukraine 24” summarizes the highlights of the week as well as makes a forecasts by analysing top news and major topics and tracks the development of the most resonant events. Each issue is considered from different perspectives, so that the viewers can make their own mind about everything that happened over the week.

Every Friday, the hosts will invite the top officials, opinion-makers and the people whose decisions affect the life of every Ukrainian to the studio. The hosts of the TV channel “Ukraine 24” will present the show from three different studios. On the very first air, viewers will see Olena Tsyntyla and Oleksii Burlakov, Mariia Skyba and Andrii Bulharov. Oleh Biletskyi and Violetta Lohunova will also join the discussion.

The socio-political talk show will have several special sections and formats: discussion in the studio, exclusive interviews, running commentary, answers to questions from the audience. Dynamically, acutely, objectively – this is the only way the dialogue in Ukraine Tomorrow will take place.

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