More projects by “Media Group Ukraine” on Amazon Prime Video

Published Wed, 17 June, 15:12

More Ukrainian content is now available on Amazon Prime, one of the most popular international video platforms. From now on, the viewers can watch “Azure Dust”, a documentary made by IVORY Films for TV Channel Ukraine. It is a guide to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Caesium-137 is one of the radioactive elements that were thrown into the atmosphere after the explosion of No.4 reactor of the Chernobyl Power Plant. The word itself comes from Latin meaning “sky blue”. Together with other dangerous substances, this “azure dust” polluted the Exclusion Zone and destroyed thousands of people’s live. The film tells of two people with unique fates who lived in Pripyat when the disaster happened. As the other town residents, they were evacuated with a huge delay, but despite everything, they survived and proved that you can overcome the system and difficult circumstances due to your persistence, hope and belief.


Another project will be available soon on Amazon Prime is a detective series “Who Are You?” produced by UPS for TV Channel Ukraine. It is a story of a psychologist Inga Shtefan who opted for criminal profiling after several her patients died under mysterious circumstances and her fiancé went missing. Inga conducts her own investigation and at the same time works with the police homicide team. She eventually finds out that for many years she has been watched by a maniac, who is to blame in her patients and fiancé’s deaths.

Both films are available in original sounding with English subtitles. In October 2019 was Media Group Ukraine’s debut on the Amazon VOD service with a series “Black Flower”.

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