Media Group Ukraine merges its OTT and DTH services into a single operator

Published Wed, 8 July 2020, 10:03

In June this year, Media Group Ukraine started the process of merging the OLL.TV Internet TV service and the Xtra TV satellite provider. Yuliia Trybushna will head the project on behalf of Media Group Ukraine Holding. Yurii Cherednichok remains the director of both OLL.TV and Xtra TV legal entities. 

Юлія Трибушна

The set goals and the new team that will manage the transformations were introduced by Fedir Hrechaninov, Director of Strategy and Business Development of Media Group Ukraine:

“The idea of merging our OLL.TV and Xtra TV platforms is obvious: every Ukrainian should have access to high-quality legal content, anywhere in the country and regardless of the type of reception. Not all of Ukraine has high-quality and fast Internet, which is necessary to comfortably watch the OLL.TV Internet TV. Therefore, the satellite remains a priority type of reception for many viewers. A single operator will help each viewer to choose the best type of reception, or their mix, depending on the user’s needs. Big changes cannot be made without professionals involved in the process, so I am pleased to introduce our new team. Yuliia Trybushna, a former operator who headed the Pay TV&Digital division at StarLightMedia, will manage the single operator. Yurii Cherednichok will be responsible for sales and communication with customers. Vitalii Chyrkov will work on developing the content strategy. Mykola Koretskyi will be in charge of the development and support of the platform software. Andrii Ornatskyi will manage marketing. Oleksandr Remezovskyi will be responsible for negotiations with content owners and keep managing the distribution of MGU TV channels and platforms. 

The new team has already introduced the first changes. In particular, a new unique tariff scheme of the OLL.TV service – Oll Inclusive – has recently been launched. We have already got a lot of data and positive feedback so as to say that our users like the new rates. I think that in the days ahead we will announce even more positive news, achievements and changes.”

Yuliia Trybushna, head of the single provider:

“Pay TV market of Ukraine is growing rapidly; both the number of consumers and its monetary value are increasing. Promotion of streaming platforms, fighting piracy, increase in the consumption of video content on demand, changes in the behaviour and preferences of viewers have their influence on this process. The competition, needless to say, is growing: existing platforms and services increase their subscriber base, experiment with content and functionality, while international players start taking notice of the market. Becoming a leader in this market is a real challenge, but I am sure that with the OLL.TV and Xtra TV team of proactive professionals, this goal is achievable within the next few years.” 

Borys Danylov has left OLL.TV and is developing his career outside Media Group Ukraine Holding. The OLL.TV team and the MGU management are grateful to Borys for leading the company in difficult times of business transformation.

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